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home delivery fruit and veg near me

If you enjoy eating nutritious, fresh fruit and veggies but don’t always have time to go shopping for them, there are several produce delivery services that can make shopping a breeze.

Vegetable clubs that feature fresh veggies each month to subscription boxes with pre-made combinations – these services aim to make healthy eating easier. Furthermore, some even provide specialty items that may not be readily available elsewhere.

Misfit Markets

By ordering from Misfit Markets, you’re not just supporting local farmers — you’re getting top-tier produce at deep discounts. Their produce is not only delicious, but it’s also fresh and organic. With every order, you’re helping local farmers thrive!

This company began as a way to sell “ugly” fruits and veggies, but now offers an expansive range of foods from across the grocery store aisle. Their prices are up to 40% lower than regular store prices, making them an excellent choice for budget-conscious shoppers looking for convenient shopping on a tight budget.

Misfits Market not only sells fresh fruits and vegetables, but they also carry dry goods, pantry items, and dairy items like dried beans, milk, cheese – you name it!

It’s essential to note that the selection on our website may change from week to week, so be sure to check in a couple days before delivery in order not to miss out on something you love.

You can customize your box by selecting which types of produce you’d like to receive, including non-perishable items like dairy or pantry products. Your box will feature both fresh and frozen options from local farms as well as imported items from around the country.

This subscription-based service doesn’t charge a membership fee and you can place orders as often or infrequently as desired. Each week, you’ll be granted a three-day shopping window to select products that will be shipped to you that week.

Once you’ve finished shopping, the company will deliver the items directly to your doorstep. No tipping is necessary and shipping is charged at a flat rate.

The company’s mission is to reduce food waste by offering produce that would otherwise go unused on grocery store shelves. These imperfect items may be smaller than usual, have a slight flaw, or simply not meet the standard most retailers require.

Saving money doesn’t have to mean sacrificing taste. Misfit Market offers a selection of produce and other foods sourced from farms across America, so you can experience an array of flavors and textures in every item. Plus, they carry dry goods like cereal, jam, and coffee – perfect for saving money without sacrificing quality!

Raw Generation

Raw Generation offers fresh fruits and vegetables delivered right to your door. Their produce boxes range from traditional CSA boxes to snack packs with additional farm products like small-batch honey or handcrafted jam. Plus they have seasonal options like healthy vegetable boxes featuring Brussels sprouts, carrots, cauliflower, and sweet potatoes.

They offer a selection of cold-pressed juices and cleanses tailored to meet various health goals and lifestyles. Their Skinny Cleanse program is particularly popular, featuring six different juices designed to reset both body and mind so you can get back on track with your goals.

Another popular option is the Protein Cleanse, which offers high-protein plant-based smoothies and juices to help you stay on track with your workout routine. Plus, it contains chlorophyll — a green antioxidant which may aid in weight loss.

These juices come in a range of flavors and are flash-frozen to preserve enzymes and nutrients. Plus, they don’t contain any preservatives or artificial ingredients.

These juices taste delicious, making them suitable for people of all ages. Not only are they easily digestible, but they can provide you with a boost of energy without leaving you feeling hungry.

Though they don’t offer a monthly subscription plan, the company does offer an accommodating delivery schedule so you can receive shipments as often as weekly or once every 12 weeks. Furthermore, they have various juice bundles and packages of shots you can mix-and-match to create your own customized order.

Raw Generation offers a selection of juicing options designed to aid weight loss, increase energy levels and strengthen gut health. Their juices are low in sugar so they’re ideal for those on a low calorie diet. In addition to these items, Raw Generation also has detox soups and shakes made with nutrient-dense superfoods in single serve pouches; gluten free so they’re suitable even for those with celiac disease or allergies to gluten.

Farmbox Direct

Delivering produce directly to your door is an efficient way to get the essential vitamins and nutrients your body needs without having to go shopping. Services usually drop a box off at your doorstep or ship it via courier service, so you can enjoy fresh-picked produce every week.

Farmbox Direct is one of our go-to home delivery fruit and veg providers near me, offering a wide variety of organic boxes as well as customizable menus for subscribers who aren’t sure what to purchase. Farmbox Direct makes it easy to choose what’s best suited to you!

The company’s customer service team is available to assist you in selecting a subscription that meets your requirements. They’ll send you a list of what’s inside each box, so that you can start planning meals before delivery arrives. If any questions arise, they promise prompt and helpful responses.

This service also has an online store, where you can add specialty grocery items like bread, cheese, meat, eggs, honey, jam and spices to your box. It’s the perfect way to try out a new recipe or find something exciting to cook with!

You have complete control over your box’s delivery schedule and preferences, including when and how often it should be delivered. Plus, it’s simple to skip or cancel a delivery – perfect if you’re going away on vacation!

Farmbox Direct is an ideal option for those who want only the freshest and healthiest produce. Their boxes contain organic and natural products in various sizes to suit any diet or lifestyle. Furthermore, Farmbox Direct allows up to five substitutions each week so if something doesn’t meet your expectations, you can easily swap it out for another item.

Though still relatively young, this company is quickly growing in popularity thanks to its user-friendly website and dedication to quality. They even recently won a National Award for their exceptional food-service products!

Oddbox, a certified B Corp based in the UK, ethically sources fruits and vegetables from hundreds of fairly paid farmers throughout the country. They’re then shipped overnight to minimize emissions. Plus, Oddbox donates any leftover produce to organizations fighting food poverty across the UK.

Edible Arrangements

Home delivery of fresh fruits and vegetables near me is a convenient solution for busy individuals with no time to shop at their local supermarket. Edible Arrangements offers an array of bouquets made with only premium ingredients, so you don’t need to worry about receiving spoiled produce.

The company’s business model revolves around selling fresh fruit arrangements and other fruit gifts designed to look like flowers in bloom. These edible alternatives to traditional floral bouquets make ideal gifts for any special occasion or celebration.

Though the pandemic had an effect on many retailers, Edible Arrangements used it as a chance to expand and boost its sales 45% year over year. According to Somia Farid Silber, vice president of ecommerce at Edible Arrangements, they expanded into flowers, produce, cards and baked goods in an effort to become a go-to place for everyday gift giving.

As a result, the company experienced an uptick in orders and an uptick in total sales. Furthermore, its online sales increased by 200% thanks to an improved ecommerce platform and marketing initiatives that set it apart from competitors.

Edible Arrangements has long been known for its franchisee support and consistently providing customers with high-quality products. Tariq Farid, the founder of the company, dedicates a great deal of time in each store to help his franchisees grow and succeed.

For nine years, Edible Arrangements has been consistently included on Entrepreneur magazine’s “Franchise 500” list and Inc. magazine’s list of “Top 50 Fastest-Growing Franchises”.

Edible Arrangements’ business model revolves around selling fresh fruits, making it a go-to for restaurants and catering businesses looking to incorporate healthy organic options into their menus. In addition to its iconic flower-shaped fruit baskets, they also sell chocolate-dipped fruit boxes and fruit-filled candy bars as gifts for customers.

The company’s fruit bouquets are inspired by the classic floral arrangement, but infused with a sweet and delicious taste. Perfect for any celebration, you can even add chocolate-dipped strawberries to make it extra special.

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