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To grow chestnut mushrooms on logs, you can drill and fill the wood – this will provide the mycelium with as much food as a hardwood substrate. However, cardboard will not supply nearly as much food as hardwood. In this article, we’ll go over the Drill and fill method and the harvesting process. This method can be used indoors or outdoors. Chestnut mushrooms grow best on oak or maple logs.

Drill and fill method

The Drill and fill method for chestnut mushroom growth requires the use of fresh cut wood. The wood should be clean, dry, and free of competing organisms. Once inoculated, mushrooms take about a year to colonize the wood, but it can take up to two years for the log to fruit. Logs with a small diameter and soft hardwoods will likely fruit sooner. Regardless of species, a healthy tree will produce delicious mushrooms.


For incubation of chestnut mushrooms, logs were cut to various lengths, sterilized and added to a polyethylene bag. Logs were inoculated, incubated and moved outdoors in June. To increase the chances of fruiting, logs were exposed to natural cold or submerged in ice water for a few minutes. The logs should be kept moist for about two months.


One method for growing chestnut mushrooms in a home garden is using a Stump and Log method. This method uses a log buried under about 2 inches of soil, and as soon as it fruites, you can harvest the mushrooms. The harvesting process can last for as long as the mushrooms mature, which can be anywhere from 35 to 42 days. Some farmers even go as far as 150 days. Harvesting chestnut mushrooms requires daily misting of the mushroom logs and the compost.

Antimicrobial and anti-tumor properties

Chestnut mushroom, also known as pioppino mushroom, is a type of white rot basidiomycete that grows in Europe. Its polysaccharides are its primary source of energy. Various studies have shown that the mushroom has antimicrobial and anti-tumor properties. However, this mushroom is rarely available in stores and is not always available for sale. To obtain chestnut mushrooms, you need to grow them yourself. Here are some helpful tips and information to help you grow chestnut mushrooms:


If you’re interested in growing chestnut mushrooms, one option is to buy logs and inoculate them yourself. This involves placing mycelium inside the log so that the mycelium will colonize it. Logs should be dry on the outside and free of dirt, but lichens and moss are fine. Once inoculated, you need a plug (a 3/4″ dowel), which you’ll drill through the log and insert into the bottom of the log. The holes should be one-fourth of an inch deep with a small air pocket in between.

Where to buy

If you’re interested in making your own mushrooms, you’ll want to buy chestnut mushroom logs. These logs are usually inoculated with a mixture of mushroom spawn and a special water that will promote growth. The logs need a humid atmosphere with a moisture level of 40 percent or more. You can also inoculate them in the middle of summer. The mushrooms will fruit between four months and a year.

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