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produce delivered to your home

If you’re trying to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet or want to incorporate organic, sustainable food into it, having produce delivered directly to your home can be a great way to make it happen.

These services provide weekly, biweekly or monthly shipments of fresh fruit and vegetables that are free from chemicals. You can customize your selection based on personal preferences and dietary needs.

Farm Fresh To You

Delivering produce directly to your home can be an efficient way to ensure you’re eating nutritiously and supporting local farmers. But before you sign up for anything, it’s important to understand what’s involved and whether a produce subscription box fits into your lifestyle.

One of the best options is Farm Fresh To You, which delivers organic produce straight from their family farm in California. Furthermore, this service has earned a reputation for donating an impressive amount of food to food banks.

They offer six unique produce boxes, each featuring an exclusive combination of fruits and vegetables. You can customize the size to fit your needs, plus add artisan products like handmade jams, jars, and eggs to your delivery for added enjoyment.

Fruits and veggies are packed with fiber, vitamins, and minerals that aid in weight loss or maintaining a healthy diet. Plus, they’re low in calories which makes them ideal for those attempting to shed some pounds or maintain an effective eating plan.

You can order a no-cook produce box, perfect for busy families who need to maintain their diet. All boxes are delivered right to your doorstep so you can reap all the rewards of these nutritious, delicious foods without ever needing to leave the comfort of home.

The service also provides businesses with a range of solutions, such as its Workplace Wellness Program. This can be an excellent way to motivate your employees and boost productivity levels by providing nutritious food directly into their workplaces.

This company strives to make healthy eating an enjoyable experience. They offer a selection of products from their family farm, Capay Organic, as well as other local farms and artisans. Furthermore, they donate an incredible 100,000 pounds of food annually to food banks around the country.

They provide a user-friendly website that makes signing up and customizing your subscription a breeze. You can alter your produce selection, add dairy and other products, as well as skip deliveries if you’re taking vacation or have an unexpected emergency.

In addition to receiving fresh produce, you’ll also get updates from the farmers who grow your food, recipes that utilize ingredients in your box and information about farm events organized by the company. Furthermore, they have a school fundraiser program and an opportunity to donate a box of fruits and vegetables to families in need.


Hungryroot is a meal kit and grocery delivery service that makes healthy eating easier by saving you time on planning meals and shopping. Their curated meals are easy to prepare, with ingredients you won’t find at your local supermarket. With Hungryroot, you don’t have to sacrifice delicious food – all delivered conveniently right to your door.

When signing up for a Hungryroot subscription, they’ll ask you to take a quiz that helps them understand your food preferences and dietary needs. This information allows them to craft an individualized meal plan just for you.

The quiz asks questions about your feeding needs, preferences (gluten-free vegan and vegetarian options are available), and preferred meal plans. It also inquires into any weight loss goals, time savings goals, or fewer trips to the grocery store that you may have with this meal delivery service.

Once you’ve finished taking the quiz, Hungryroot will provide a personalized meal plan with recommended serving sizes. You have the ability to modify this plan if desired by altering which meals or groceries are included.

Once you sign up for a Hungryroot subscription, they’ll send you weekly deliveries of ingredients to use in various recipes. Your delivery includes both Hungryroot-branded items and popular brands found at most grocery stores, like Banza chickpea pasta, Beyond Meat sausages, and Living Greens salad greens.

If you don’t need the meal plans but still want something specific, Hungryroot offers individual items for purchase. Unfortunately, the prices for these are higher than what a grocery store delivery would charge you.

Hungryroot’s website boasts that their recipes are “crafted with fresh, high-quality ingredients” and they strive for sustainability. Their weekly deliveries come packaged in 100% recyclable boxes that can be placed curbside, plus biodegradable ice packs are included to keep food cool.

Subscription prices for small, medium, and large plans range from $69 to $129 per week. You can pause your order at any time and skip a delivery by logging in to your account on either Hungryroot’s app or website.


Oddbox is a UK-based produce delivery service that rescues fruit and vegetables that would otherwise go to waste. Their mission is to reduce the 3 million tonnes of edible food wasted annually in the country by working directly with farmers to bypass supermarkets by offering home delivery of freshly picked produce to subscribers.

Oddbox sources its produce directly from growers in the UK and purchases it directly. This eliminates middlemen and the waste that results from traditional supply chains, guaranteeing farmers a fair price while saving the environment by only delivering to certain postcodes at night.

Rescued produce is then packaged and delivered directly to customers’ doors in boxes, featuring seasonal fruits and vegetables from both British and international suppliers. Customers can choose between several different size boxes to suit their needs, with options ranging from fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables to items grown on-site or purchased as bulk from suppliers.

At present, around 30% of fresh fruit and vegetables produced in the UK are rejected by supermarkets due to being too small, oddly shaped or the wrong color. Oddbox has taken action by purchasing this produce directly from farmers and delivering it directly to its subscribers.

Oddbox has successfully saved 14,000,000 kg of fruit and vegetables from going to waste, donating any surplus to charities that fight food poverty. Furthermore, they became a B Corporation, showing how business can be an agent for good and their commitment to saving the planet with each box they ship out.

They provide an easy sign up process on their website. You can choose the size of box you’d like, and they’ll deliver them right to your door each week or fortnightly. Furthermore, they provide a delivery reminder six days before each order arrives.

They have achieved this by delivering over 6 thousand boxes of rescued fruit and vegetables each month – enough food for over 65,000 people.

Recently, The Oddbox team reached out to us with the aim of reducing their environmental footprint and making a greater contribution towards solving food waste problems. Through our recommendations, they developed a strategy for success that will guide them along the way.

Farm to People

Farm to People is an online produce market that links consumers with local farmers, offering a selection of fruits and vegetables delivered directly to your door. Furthermore, Farm to People organizes events to encourage shoppers to buy more locally and eat seasonally.

As New Yorkers become busier and busier with cooking, the need for a convenient way to get ingredients without having to visit a store or restaurant has grown. This has given rise to an array of delivery services that bring fresh food directly into customers’ homes while supporting local farmers and creating a more sustainable food system.

Produce subscription services offer a range of options to fit every household’s needs, from pre-made boxes and customizable sizes to flexible memberships that let you pause or cancel deliveries as needed. Some even help reduce food waste by offering imperfect produce at budget prices.

Misfits Market is our top pick for produce delivery because it sources imperfect but high-quality fruit and veggies from independent growers, while selling pantry staples and proteins at reasonable prices. Furthermore, Misfits Market works to reduce food waste by donating visually imperfect produce to charities and food banks.

Create your ideal box from a selection of products, or upgrade to include extra items like honey or coffee at an additional cost. Plus, you have the flexibility to pause or cancel deliveries as needed – plus enjoy no fees or penalties for using our service!

To mark the opening of their first eatery, Farm to People is offering New York Shuk readers a $25 coupon! Simply enter code NYSHUK25 when creating an account.

After over a decade of providing box deliveries to over 20,000 customers, Farm to People is expanding into an industrial warehouse in Bushwick and opening a restaurant. Their mission of supporting small farms and makers while getting sustainably grown food on customers’ tables within days of picking is now at the center of everything they do at Farm to People Kitchen & Bar.

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