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If you’re looking to have some of your produce delivered right to your door or skip the supermarket entirely, there are plenty of online grocery subscription services available.

One of the simplest is Farm Fresh to You, which delivers a customizable box full of local fruits and veggies from sustainable farms. They provide both organically and conventionally grown produce at competitive prices.

Farm Fresh To You

When it comes to healthy living, few things beat the taste of fresh organic vegetables. Thanks to a growing industry, there are now numerous produce delivery services that allow you to get your daily serving of fruits and veggies without ever leaving the comfort of home. These companies make it easier than ever for consumers to enjoy organic meals while simultaneously benefiting the planet in the process.

Farm Fresh To You is a food delivery service that brings organic fruits and vegetables directly from local farms. They offer various box sizes and products so you can customize your selection according to your dietary needs and preferences.

The company is renowned for their extensive product selection and exceptional customer service. They partner with several farms to guarantee you receive only the freshest seasonal goods. You can order directly from their website or using their app.

They offer an array of specialty items like artisan jams, cured olives, nuts, dried fruits, herbs and seasonings crafted by local artisans using traditional techniques for maximum enjoyment and natural goodness. All these products are carefully sourced to ensure they remain as delicious and natural as possible.

You have two choices for fruit-only boxes or mixed fruit and veggie boxes. Both options contain at least 8 unique fruits and vegetables.

Farm Fresh To You’s fruits and vegetables are all certified organic, with each item bearing a label confirming its organic status. This ensures you’re getting only top-notch products, making it simple to know exactly what you’re purchasing.

This company offers a variety of items, such as dairy, eggs, honey and pantry staples. They follow sustainable farming practices like efficient irrigation and water management and don’t use synthetic pesticides or herbicides.

They’re dedicated to reducing their environmental impact by not using plastic packaging and reusing it whenever possible. Furthermore, they strive to reduce their carbon footprint by working with green energy companies to power their operations.

They offer a selection of produce subscription services, from weekly to every other week. With them you can have your produce picked for you or customize your box if you want to be surprised with what’s in store each week.

Misfits Market

Misfits Market is a company that rescues produce, pantry items and wine that would otherwise go to waste by grocery stores or other outlets. It boasts that its offerings are up to 40% cheaper than regular supermarket prices.

The company collaborates with regional farms to source fresh, local produce that is then delivered each week to subscribers. Their selection includes organic fruits and vegetables from across America – available for subscription across all 50 states.

Subscribe or buy individual boxes – just remember to spend at least $30 in one order in order to receive your box!

To maximize the benefit of your box, you should select a size that meets your family’s requirements. The small “Mischief” box ($22) holds up to 13 pounds of fresh produce while the large “Madness” box ($35) contains 18-22 pounds of produce. Furthermore, you have the option of selecting your delivery frequency and time.

Misfits Market offers a great selection of fresh produce for those following a vegan, keto, or paleo diet. You can add protein-based snacks like chocolate chips, plant-based milk, and sauces to your box for added protein boost.

Another major benefit of this company is that it reduces food waste. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, 30-40% of our food supply ends up in landfills or other places because it’s unpalatable or too expensive for people to consume. With this company’s help, people can reduce this number significantly.

Food waste is an enormous issue for both our planet and those who inhabit it. Estimates suggest that nearly one billion people worldwide are starving or undernourished.

Food banks face an additional problem when it comes to cost of distribution, as their businesses depend on it. That is why Misfits Market was created – to reduce food waste and provide everyone with affordable access to nutritious foods.

Misfits Market partners with farms and other suppliers to identify food that doesn’t meet store or farmer standards. This could be due to minor cosmetic flaws, surface imperfections, excess inventory, or near-expiration items.

Farmer Jones Farm

Farmer Lee Jones and his family have been cultivating rare and exotic vegetables for the world’s top chefs for over three decades. Additionally, they use regenerative farming practices that produce exceptional crops while caring for the land, each other, and a future with reduced environmental impact.

The Jones farm is situated in Huron, Ohio – two miles west of Cleveland on Lake Erie’s shores. Here, there’s a mild microclimate ideal for farming and the family chose to grow soybeans and corn – two crops commonly grown here.

After 1983, however, the farm began to falter as crop failure forced the Jones family to sell everything – even their beloved family car! Fortunately, they were able to lease land across the road and implement new ideas that eventually helped them get back on track.

Their most sought-after product was microgreens – miniature versions of herbs and lettuces that boasted an intense flavor and vibrant color. Chefs loved these newcomers so much that they soon had requests for the cult favorites flooding their inboxes.

Today, The Chef’s Garden has become the world’s largest regenerative agriculture farm, producing more than 500 vegetable varieties for chefs and restaurants around the globe. Their farm-to-table business includes The Culinary Vegetable Institute which develops plant-forward recipes and offers education to chefs worldwide.

Farmer Jones Farm also offers produce subscription services through their sister brand, Farmer Jones Farm. With this subscription, you can select a pre-made box of seasonal veggies or microgreens and have them delivered right to your door for pickup. All their products are certified organic by an external third party for freshness, and all items come with full transparency information.

In addition to their regenerative agricultural work, The Chef’s Garden also runs a produce market in downtown Huron where they sell local and organic vegetables. Unfortunately, this market was destroyed by fire in January; however, according to Erica Sanicky – marketing manager – the family is rebuilding it and will hold an official reopening on July 30.

The Fruit Guys

The Fruit Guys, a family-owned and operated B Corp headquartered in San Francisco, are leaders in produce delivery. They partner with more than 200 small, independent farms to bring subscribers regional and seasonal mixes of fruits, vegetables, snacks, chocolate, coffee – you name it!

The Fruit Guys are passionate about giving back to the community, with a special fund dedicated to supporting small farms and farmers of color. Each spring, The Fruit Guys award up to $5,000 in grants to farmers and agricultural nonprofits working toward economic and environmental sustainability on their farms and within their communities.

Their produce boxes are an ideal way to enjoy fresh, local, organic, and non-GMO produce in your home. You can order them a la carte or subscribe for weekly, biweekly or monthly deliveries at no extra cost.

They offer an ideal solution for those without access to farmers markets or who cannot easily pick up fresh produce at grocery stores. Furthermore, they donate some of their produce to food banks, so you’re doing your part for the planet while getting plenty of healthy fruits and vegetables!

Established in 1998, The Fruit Guys provide locally sourced and seasonal produce from their 11 distribution hubs across America. Their snack fruit boxes range from conventional to organic, while they also offer a Harvest box option and mixed fruit and veggie box selection.

These boxes can be found across the country, including many in the Midwest and Pacific Northwest. They come in small, medium, and large sizes to suit individual or group needs.

Every box includes an assortment of apples, citrus and a surprise fruit as well as a newsletter with fun facts about each produce item and tips on how to prepare it. They offer various subscription packages from the basic Staples Mix to the more adventurous Season’s Best Box; everything is USDA certified organic for added quality assurance.

This company may be difficult to access, but once inside, you’ll be delighted with their work. Their team is friendly and dedicated to giving back to the community.

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