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Subscribing to an organic produce delivery box scheme can be an ideal way to reduce food miles while supporting local growers. Many offer different options and contents every week, perfect for both adventurous and more fussy eaters alike.

Starting out as an organic potato purveyor, this family-run business now offers an impressive variety of seasonal vegetables. Muddy potatoes and ample squash were among the highlights in our sample box.

Abel & Cole

Abel & Cole offers convenient solutions to make eating healthy easier, while providing seasonal variety. Plus, their commitment to paying farmers fairly and prioritizing environmental care makes this an appealing service to anyone seeking both healthful meals and an eco-friendly option!

Abel & Cole has been operating as a family-owned business since 1988, working exclusively with small organic producers and striving to be as green as possible in its production process. Their service offers various options ranging from vegetable boxes and recipe books delivered weekly – great ways to add something new and tasty to dinnertime, easy recipes that include only simple ingredients – to box options suitable for vegetarians as well as carnivores alike that feed three to five people simultaneously!

Abel & Cole offers more than just meal kits; they also provide organic fruit and veg boxes in various sizes that are designed to meet the needs of individual families, vegan or pescatarian diets, or customized according to individual taste preferences. Plus, these boxes are gluten and artificial ingredient free; so you can feel good about what you’re putting into your body!

B Corp certification represents the highest standard of sustainability certification, and their company prioritizes environmental responsibility by minimizing their carbon footprint and using recycled packaging materials. Furthermore, they offer eco-conscious initiatives like their Club Zero refillable delivery scheme and reusable bags; as well as supporting local charities by donating part of proceeds from each organic veg box sold.

Abel & Cole offers more than organic vegetable boxes; in fact, its range includes fresh herbs and spices, bread, dairy products, eggs, drinks (both nonalcoholic and alcoholic), pantry essentials and household necessities – making it your one-stop shop for all of your grocery needs!


Are You Wanting To Eat More Vegetables Or Reduce Your Carbon Footprint? A Vegetable Box Delivery Service Can Be the Answer

Oddbox was established by Emilie and Deepak to reduce food waste, by collecting odd and surplus fruit and vegetables directly from farmers before delivering them to subscribers directly. This approach reduces carbon emissions and water waste while making an impactful statement against global food waste. Subscribers can select either small, medium or large boxes as well as how often they want their deliveries.

Home delivery service of fresh produce available throughout London and some surrounding areas, offering various sizes. A large box can contain 9 vegetables and 4 fruits while small boxes contain two vegetables and three fruits while medium size boxes include six vegetables and four fruits – there is even an x-small size box!

This company boasts an incredible social impact by not charging for their boxes. Furthermore, a portion of them is donated to those in need. You can pay weekly or fortnightly, with cancellation at any time if necessary – also you can select which vegetables and fruits you’d prefer each week, or go with an “odd” box that surprises you!

Oddbox’s team of rescuers are on a mission to rescue healthy and delicious fruit and veg that would otherwise go to waste, an issue with which is all too prevalent in the UK, where nearly one third of food produced is wasted before ever leaving its source farm due to various reasons such as a glut of produce or an unsightly vegetable.

Planet Organic

Planet Organic is the UK’s premier specialist organic supermarket chain. Established in 1995, they offer healthy food that strengthens local communities while upholding environmentally conscious trade practices and being one of the first retailers to adopt zero edible food waste business models that work in collaboration with their community to redistribute excess stock. Furthermore, Planet Organic stands as a strong advocate of inclusive work cultures.

They provide a selection of health foods and beauty products, selling meat, fish, eggs from British farmers as well as locally sourced items. Their store provides an oasis of organic fruits and vegetables as well as bread from artisan London bakeries, organic meat from sustainable British waters as well as offering lunch time buffets and coffee bars – an oasis of healthful living!

Planet Organic, despite their success, has found themselves struggling financially and have reduced store expansion plans in order to secure fresh funding or find new ownership. They have hired consultancy Interpath Advisory in order to explore strategic growth options while running an accelerated sales process.

Planet Organic was established in London, UK, and established as a privately held company in 1995. Investors include Bioren and Inverleith while its CEO George Dymond currently leads this initiative. With approximately 13 stores under its roof and estimated revenues estimated at over PS40 Million and net income estimated at PS1.5 Million; its customer base consists of over one Million customers worldwide – it remains profitable today!


This award-winning organic box scheme offers seasonal homegrown vegetables and local organic produce from North Yorkshire and Teesside farms, along with vegetarian offerings like their own organic eggs and homemade honey. Customers can take advantage of a free sample box; alternatively you can purchase different sizes or contents of boxes.

New Covent Garden Market typically caters only to wholesale buyers; however, they have recently started providing home delivery of London Fruit and Veg deliveries as a great way to support local farmers, reduce food miles, reduce your carbon footprint, as well as providing an alternative shopping option to supermarkets.

Family-run organic veg delivery service with an ethos founded on ethics. They offer various boxes that vary in size but all include seasonal organic produce from their farm in Essex. You can select either a mixed or vegan box with options to add extra veggies, meat or dairy products if needed – you could even opt for exotic fruit such as lychees or early asparagus!

This veg and fruit box delivery service offers an attractive alternative to supermarket shopping, providing high-quality, fresh produce that benefits local growers. The founders are a family of four living in the countryside who share an affinity for organic farming through sustainable and fair-trade practices, offering an assortment of vegetables, herbs and salad leaves, meat and dairy as well as offering box top-up services if customers need extra staples in their pantry.

Find this organic home delivery company in London and its surrounding areas. They offer weekly vegetable and fruit boxes delivered with minimal packaging; their selection changes weekly depending on what is in season. In addition, they also provide greens-only boxes if starchy vegetables aren’t your thing.

While browsing Planet Organic’s selection of kombucha, lentil crisps, and gluten-free cookies online shop, don’t forget to pick up an organic veg box for yourself every week from their online shop! They specialize in helping people meet their daily five a day goal while supporting British producers with an array of boxes from select fruit juicing packs to seasonal root veg orders that even include cheese, meat and honey!

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