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fruits and vegetables near me delivery

Fresh produce should be an integral part of every meal. Delivering them directly to your home eliminates the need to spend hours at the supermarket, saving you time and effort in finding what you need.

Fruit and vegetable delivery services abound, including those that specialize in finding local organic produce from small farms.


Bigbasket is a well-known online grocery shopping destination that offers customers an extensive selection of products. From fresh fruits and vegetables to branded foods like rice or dal, cosmetics, and stationery items – Bigbasket has something for everyone! Plus, their coupons help customers save money too!

When shopping for groceries, you want to ensure that you find high-quality items at reasonable prices. Bigbasket’s team of professionals carefully curate their product list to guarantee you get exactly what you need at an unbeatable price.

The company purchases products from top suppliers/manufacturers such as P&G, HUL and farmers & mills, stores them in their warehouses and provides them to customers on demand. Furthermore, they have partnerships with local farmers and suppliers for perishable goods procurement.

They boast an efficient inventory model that guarantees low product costs for customers and allows them to maintain a high fill rate. Furthermore, their hyperlocal model involves partnering with over 2000 neighborhood grocery stores throughout India so that goods are delivered within an hour of ordering.

Bigbasket keeps their inventory levels at 10 days, which is lower than the industry average of one month. This allows them to reduce perishable costs and prevent losses due to wastage.

Bigbasket offers a vast selection of fresh and processed food in multiple formats, such as bulk or frozen. Their private label products such as Fresho, Royal Organic and Happy Chef Gourmet are among their best sellers.

Their customer-centric approach has enabled them to retain over 10 million registered customers and process 1 lakh orders daily across 25 cities. Furthermore, they secured a $150 Mn Series F funding round from Alibaba, Mirae Asset Global Investments of South Korea and UK government-backed CDC Group.

The ecommerce startup utilizes Google Maps APIs to determine the cost and availability of groceries by location. They use this data to calculate each order’s total cost, match drivers with destinations, and estimate driver routes and delivery times. Furthermore, this API assists Dispatchers in getting an estimate for driver routes and delivery times for each order.

Farm Fresh to You

Farm Fresh to You is a family-run farm that partners with other nearby farms to bring fresh produce right to your door. This service is incredibly user friendly, giving you all of your fresh fruits and veggies without needing to drive around town in search of them.

Supporting local farmers and helping the environment at the same time are two great reasons to subscribe to Farmbox.com. Additionally, they provide more than 150 specialty farm products that cannot be found in stores.

You can customize your order with items like unique hand-crafted jams, pasture-raised eggs, artisan olive oil and small batch honey. Once you’ve selected your fruits and veggies of choice, you have the freedom to decide how often and in what size box you would like it delivered.

Signing up for the service and making your first delivery is a breeze. The website features an intuitive interface that enables you to select a delivery frequency and which week you would like your package delivered during.

Once you’ve made your selections, Farm Fresh to You will pre-select the produce that meets the minimum quantity required for delivery. You may also add on other farm products if desired.

Farm Fresh to You offers no membership fee when signing up, and all that they ask for is a $35 minimum purchase on each delivery. This ensures the quality of produce you receive – guaranteed!

The company provides boxes for individuals, families and offices alike. Their sizes are determined by the number of recipients; there are options suitable for 1-2, 2-4, 4-6 and 6-8 people so you can pick one that meets your requirements.

Another fantastic aspect of Farm Fresh to You is their partnership with schools to provide fresh fruits and vegetables. When you buy a box at Farm Fresh to You, use your promo code at checkout to give 10% of your total spending back to the school of your choice!

Farmbox Direct

Farmbox Direct is an online service that specializes in producing and delivering fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the United States. Their products are sourced from local farmers and businesses and shipped directly to your door. Farmbox Direct offers various subscription plans, such as all-organic or non-organic produce boxes.

Farmbox also partners with local farms and CSAs to bring its subscribers fresh produce each week. Ashley Tyrner, the founder of Farmbox Direct, credits her passion for agriculture and desire to help people access organic foods as the driving force behind this initiative.

Each week, you’ll receive an email containing a menu of produce currently being harvested near you. From there, you can select a box size and customize the menu for your weekly delivery. Plus, you have up to five substitutions available if necessary – perfect if you have special dietary needs or allergies!

Another advantage of this company is that they accept both SNAP and EBT benefits. This is an advantageous feature, as it enables Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries who struggle with food insecurity to purchase fresh produce without having to visit a physical store.

FarmboxRx, a program from HealthPartners, was designed to assist seniors and low-income individuals who may struggle to access enough fresh produce at their local grocery stores or farmer’s markets. Through this initiative, participants are assisted in addressing their social determinants of health which can result in improved medical outcomes and reduced healthcare expenses.

To get started, all you have to do is enter your zip code on their website and create an account. Afterward, they’ll send you an email containing curated menus of produce harvested near you that can be selected for consumption by yourself or your family members – making it simple for everyone to stay healthy and contented.

Farmbox also offers a selection of nutritious snack items sourced from small farms near you, in addition to fresh produce. These range from nut bars and chia seeds, among other nutritious products.

The FruitGuys

The FruitGuys are a family-owned business that delivers snacks to individuals, families, businesses and hunger relief initiatives across America. Their organic fruit and vegetable selection complements their snack boxes perfectly; plus they give back to their community by donating surplus fruit to local food banks.

Established in 1998 and headquartered in San Francisco, California, this business began as a provider of healthy snacks for workplaces but has since blossomed into an expansive national provider of farm-fresh fruits, vegetables, and snacks to businesses across America.

They collaborate with regional farms to source a wide range of seasonal produce nationwide. They offer three tiers of delivery, one which includes both conventional and organic items as well as a subscription-based service that exclusively features organic items.

Every week, their fruit selection varies based on what’s in season and available from local farms they partner with. For instance, one recent box featured Medjool dates, Pinkerton avocados, Bosc pears, and Opal apples from various small and independent farms.

This company also offers a “healthy” kit with immunity-boosting citrus, honey, ginger and kiwi. They have organic and conventional options available; you can customize the size of the box according to your household’s requirements.

Fruit boxes are an enjoyable way to ensure you’re getting your daily recommended serving of fruit. Plus, they offer various snacks you can add to the boxes, like dried-fruit-and-nut mixes, granola bars, chia bars and cookies. It’s a fun way to ensure you’re getting all of your daily recommended amounts of produce!

They also support small farmers, helping ensure the long-term viability of the industry. For instance, they’re currently working with an organic Gravenstein apple farmer in California to boost his livelihood by offering a limited-edition Gravenstein apple box.

Established in 1998, The FruitGuys is a top provider of farm-fresh fruit and clean-ingredient snacks to offices nationwide. Their mission is simple: providing healthy brain foods can increase productivity levels and promote wellness among employees.

The company utilizes eCommerce, custom development, and a digital printing solution to expand their business. Furthermore, they’ve built a search engine that helps customers locate products faster and implemented an accounting system called PeachPrint to give them all of the tools necessary for running their company effectively.

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