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Fresh fruits and vegetables are an effective way to increase your daily nutrient intake, yet shopping at the grocery store can be time consuming.

Now more than ever there are online options that provide organic produce straight to your door. These services source their produce from nearby farms and orchards to ensure you receive only top-grade items.

Edible Arrangements(r)

Edible Arrangements has made shopping for healthy produce and snacks easier than ever with their convenient grocery delivery service available at over 1,200 locations nationwide. Find fresh fruit boxes, snack bundles, meal kits, smoothie kits or boxes of whole fruits and vegetables sure to add vitamins to your daily diet with Edible Arrangements(r).

Your guests will also find an assortment of delectable, nutritious options perfect for anyone trying to reduce their sugar intake. Choose from fruit arrangements featuring pineapple, strawberries, cantaloupe, honeydew melon grapes and other delicious fresh fruits; all delicious additions to any dinner party or special event!

Edible Arrangements(r) offers a CSA-style box, filled with various fruits like carrots, apples, oranges and bananas – providing a delicious way to add more nutritious produce into your diet and help reach 5-A-Day regardless of where you reside!

Edible Arrangements(r) offers fresh produce and food items made-to-order, so they will always taste as they were meant to. No preservatives or sweeteners are ever used in their produce and food items so you can experience all their flavor when ordering from Edible Arrangements(r).

Fresh fruit baskets make an elegant and original present idea for any special event, be it birthday, holiday, or just to say thank you. Find exquisitely designed fruit bouquets filled with pineapples, strawberries, cantaloupe and other fresh fruit options as part of an arrangement that comes at a fraction of the cost associated with chocolate and other traditional candy gifts.

Baskets containing chocolate-dipped fruits such as pineapple daisies, banana bites with white and semisweet chocolate coating, chocolate-dipped strawberries or chocolate dipped pineapple daisies are a popular choice for parties – and can even be delivered for free when placed online! These festive treats make great party snacks!

Consider selecting a platter of chocolate-dipped fruits as a delectable and healthful alternative to typical party fare for your next potluck gathering. These tasty and visually stunning platters feature pineapples, strawberries, cantaloupe, honeydew and other fresh fruits dipped in white and semisweet chocolate for an eye-catching display that is guaranteed free delivery with Edible Arrangements(r).

Farm Fresh to You

Farm Fresh to You, located in Capay Valley, California, provides certified-organic produce and handcrafted farm products at their best. A great way to support local farms while getting delicious foods delivered directly to you without having to visit farmers markets!

They offer an assortment of subscription boxes tailored to specific lifestyles, as well as products like hand-crafted jams, small batch honey, artisan olive oil and pasture-raised eggs. Plus they send out weekly emails filled with news from their family farm as well as tempting recipes!

Their business model is founded on the idea that farmers should earn what it actually costs them to produce their goods, and strives to do so through a network of like-minded partners. This ensures they can afford to keep their land productive and fertile while paying workers a living wage, and making a profit that allows them to continue farming.

One thing that makes them stand out is their pledge to donate 100% of their profits to food banks – an amazing feat in itself and allows them to ensure every delivery includes fruits and vegetables that would otherwise go wasted.

Furthermore, they work closely with their subscribers to keep them updated about what’s going on at the farm through newsletters, tours, and events – this keeps subscribers engaged with and interested in what they’re getting as products.

Their team of employees are deeply passionate about spreading awareness of clean food movement and supporting farmers, which prompted them to offer an incentive program with $20 off your next order if you refer a friend, plus $15 off their first one!

Imperfect Foods and Farm Fresh to You are two popular subscription services for produce delivery, promising the season’s finest produce at any given time and allowing subscribers to customize their boxes by altering both size and contents.

The FruitGuys

The Fruit Guys, a Certified B Corporation, provide fresh farm-fresh fruit from organic farms as well as conventional and locally-grown sources nationwide. In addition, they also provide snacks such as granola bars, dried fruit mixes and chia seeds – so your office doesn’t miss out!

The company offers weekly changing selections of fruit grown at small farms near its regional hubs, including apples, pears, bananas and citrus. Visually imperfect or surplus produce donated by them goes to food banks and local charities for donation.

This family-owned business provides fruit and veggie delivery boxes to individuals, families, businesses and schools throughout the US from 15 distribution hubs connected with local farms and suppliers.

Subscribers can subscribe for just a small fee to get weekly or biweekly deliveries of fresh, organic and conventional produce delivered directly to their door, providing up to 16 servings each of organic and conventional fruit, snacks and more – plus they offer larger boxes containing up to 50 servings and other groceries!

Their customer service team is available to answer your queries and ensure you find the perfect product to meet your needs, whether by email or phone. As an equal employment opportunity employer (EEO), they also provide their employees with benefits like medical, dental and vision coverage as well as paid time off and 401K plans.

The FruitGuys’ Community Fund, born out of their Farm Steward Program, strives to support sustainable farming and healthy communities throughout the U.S. They work with more than 200 independent farms and 17 regional hubs across America in order to source seasonal and local fruit, vegetables, chocolate bars and snacks that they provide their customers.

Gravenstein Apple Box, one of their philanthropic initiatives, assists commercial apple farmers by offering them a national sales channel and giving 16 percent of proceeds directly back. They partner with farmer Stan Devoto from Devoto Gardens & Orchards in Sebastopol, California as part of this philanthropic endeavor.

San Francisco-based purveyor sources apples and other produce from small farms across California, working with local suppliers to curate seasonal varieties as soon as they’re harvested and deliver them as fresh as possible for consumption within days of being picked. Their weekly selection features favorites like Bosc pears, Pinkerton avocados, Medjool dates and Honeycrisp apples – among many others!

Tropical Fruit Box

Tropical Fruit Box is a curated produce delivery service offering fresh, organic and sustainably-grown produce directly to its customers. Partnering with family farms across Central America, South America, and the Caribbean to offer the most natural and healthful produce options available, Tropical Fruit Box provides customers with natural yet healthy options that provide ultimate value and pleasure.

This website offers pre-curated boxes filled with fruits and root produce. If you don’t know what to choose, or simply want more creative meal solutions, they offer custom build options where you can choose any ingredients you wish – making this option particularly helpful for people who may feel intimidated by grocery shopping!

Exotic and tropical fruit have grown increasingly popular across America due to an interest in food culture and cuisine. Grown around the globe, these exotic varieties have distinctive flavors influenced by local indigenous traditions as well as cuisine from multiple cultures.

Tropical Fruit Box of Miami sources its tropical fruit from family farms located throughout South Florida and the Caribbean. Offering exotic options like achacha, cherimoya and starfruit as well as popular selections like bananas, pineapples and kiwis is their specialty.

Tropical Fruit Box makes these fruits easily accessible for anyone interested in trying something different. Their monthly subscription box features five pounds of two different fruits; larger subscription packages offer additional pounds of each fruit.

Tropical Fruit Box offers more than just fruits; their selection also includes items like ti leaf and ginger tea as well as non-fruit items such as sea moss and jaboticaba jelly. Their customer service is top notch – any damaged fruits will be replaced upon transportation.

Farmbox Direct works with small farmers to curate boxes of local-to-you produce for home delivery. Their online ordering system is user-friendly and boasts an impressive variety of artisanal options. Furthermore, this company boasts excellent customer service from women-owned operations that always guarantee fresh organic produce!

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