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Adopting fresh vegetables into your diet is one of the simplest ways to ensure you’re getting more wholesome, nutritious foods in your life. But not everyone has time to visit the grocery store weekly for produce purchases.

Produce delivery services are the answer. These companies deliver fresh, organic produce right to your door. Some even work to reduce food waste by offering imperfect produce at a discounted rate.

Misfits Market

Misfits Market is a service that delivers fresh organic produce directly to your door for up to 40% less than grocery store prices. They partner with farms and food hubs across North America to source ingredients that would otherwise go to waste – such as fruits and vegetables that have been left out of store inventories, packaging issues, or approaching best-by dates.

Misfits Market’s approach is an effective way to combat the wasteful practices that are leading so much food to landfills. By salvaging unsightly items and offering them at lower prices, Misfits Market helps reduce food waste while making healthy groceries more accessible for customers.

Misfits Market not only carries fresh produce, but they also carry milk (and alternatives), snacks, and other products. Furthermore, they partner with pantry brands that practice sustainable practices and have a social responsibility towards the communities they serve.

Misfits Market stands out among other online farmers markets by offering an expansive selection of organic and non-GMO items. This helps the service stand out from grocery stores and provides consumers with more informed choices when it comes to what they purchase.

Misfits Market boxes feature mostly organic produce that’s GMO-free. Furthermore, the company sources sustainably caught seafood, grass-fed beef, and free-range chicken for its products.

Produce is delivered in a compostable cardboard box with fully recyclable insulated padding and eco-friendly ice packs to keep it cool in summer and warm in winter. The outer bag can either be composted or recycled at your local plastic film recycling drop-off location.

To get started on Misfits Market, create a free account. After signing up, you can customize your weekly or bi-weekly order according to your own schedule.

Your weekly order can be customized to fit into any lifestyle, making it the ideal option for vegetarians or vegans who need to stock up on fresh organic foods.

Misfits Market is an affordable option for families on a tight budget. Their subscription plan allows you to skip weeks if needed, which is an ideal way to save money without compromising quality.

Farm Fresh to You

Fruit and vegetable delivery is an efficient way to get fresh produce without having to go shopping for groceries. Not only does this promote good health, it helps ward off serious illnesses like cancer, obesity, and heart disease; but it saves both time and money in the process!

Farm Fresh to You offers produce subscriptions that deliver organic fruits and veggies directly to your door. They are a family-run business that grows their own produce in Northern California’s Capay Valley region, with various boxes sizes to choose from as well as the option to customize their order with additional artisan farm products.

The service is user-friendly and charges no fees for their produce deliveries. Furthermore, there are other items like meat, baked goods, and handcrafted jams available as well.

On their site, it’s simple to customize your produce box based on your diet and preferences. Plus, you have the freedom to switch up what comes in each week! Plus, they offer artisan farm products like handcrafted jams, small batch honey, and pasture-raised eggs! Getting started on their site couldn’t be simpler!

They offer an impressive selection of in-season fruits and vegetables, and their app allows you to select your preferred delivery day. Furthermore, their website lists farms they partner with as well as links to social media accounts.

This second-generation farm embraces sustainable practices and is certified organic. They prioritize efficient irrigation and water management, local fertilizers, recyclable packaging, as well as providing support to their community.

Their website also features an informative newsletter with care tips and recipes. Plus, they host tours and farm events so subscribers can meet the farmers behind their produce and gain more insight into how it is grown and produced.

You can order their fruit and veggie boxes on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis for delivery. They offer various options to fit your needs: mixed fruits and veggies; no cooking box; traditional CSA; snack pack.

They also offer office delivery service, so you can enjoy your food with coworkers. There is no membership fee for their deliveries and the minimum order amount is $35.

Farmbox Direct

Farmbox Direct is an organic produce delivery service that brings the freshest seasonal fruits and vegetables directly to your door. They strive for 100% customer satisfaction by offering customizable orders so you can swap out items you don’t want.

Another great feature of this service is their variety of box sizes. You can pick between small, medium or large to suit your family’s dietary needs and requirements. Their helpful notes explain what each size includes so you can make an informed decision for your family’s convenience.

This company is an excellent option for anyone looking to incorporate more fresh fruits and vegetables into their diet. They even provide recipes on their website so you can easily plan out meals and snacks.

The company is a B Corp that ethically sources fruit and vegetables from hundreds of farmers around the country, then donates any leftover to organizations fighting food poverty in the UK. Their weekly sustainable produce boxes come at PS11 (ideal for couples) or PS22 (perfect for families).

They deliver “ugly foods” and rescued staples from farms that would otherwise go to waste, helping reduce food waste and supporting farmers in the process.

Their boxes are delivered with ice packs to prevent produce spoilage during transit. Furthermore, they use biodegradable and recyclable packaging.

It’s essential to be aware that you may be charged a handling and packaging fee when ordering produce from this company. This is to cover the expense of using eco-friendly/recyclable materials.

If you’re looking to eat healthier and save time grocery shopping, a produce subscription box is an ideal solution. These boxes can be ordered online and delivered right to your door; plus, with their app you can easily view what’s inside each box and select which items you’d like to receive.

These companies provide fresh produce right to your door. They’re especially convenient for those without access to farmer’s markets or CSAs nearby.


Established in 2016, Oddbox is a food waste fighting veg box subscription service that rescues “too odd” fruits and vegetables from farms that would otherwise go to waste. It collaborates with UK growers to collect this produce, which then gets delivered directly to customers’ doors across London and the South East – helping make an impact on water usage, carbon footprint reduction and waste reduction.

In the UK, one in every three meals produced is rejected before it leaves the farm, leading to an unnecessary waste of food. Emilie Vanpoperinghe and Deepak Ravindran recognized this as an opportunity to make a positive difference on the environment.

The business is a certified B-Corp, demonstrating how businesses can be forces for good by working to reduce waste and support farmers. Furthermore, 10% of its fruit and veg goes to charities fighting food poverty in the UK.

One of the greatest problems facing humanity today is waste. Around one-third of all fruits and vegetables produced goes uneaten, leading to massive amounts of water and CO2 being wasted.

Non only is this bad for the environment, but it’s costly too, as it requires vast amounts of water and energy to transport goods from farms to supermarkets. Furthermore, storing and disposing of this resource when discarded becomes costly.

Oddbox takes advantage of this “too odd” produce by collecting it and delivering it to subscribers who get to pick the vegetables they’d like in their box. Prices start at PS11 for a small box suitable for one or two people, or families can get in on the action for just PS22.

Oddbox has created an impact-driven, sustainable business model to combat food waste and save the planet. Through collaboration with financial wellbeing provider Mintago, they’ve introduced a platform which assists their 100 staff members manage their pension contributions and build savings plans.

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