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Delivering fresh produce right to your door can be a lifesaver for busy families – especially those with kids on the go. Whether you want organic and locally grown fruits in bulk, or some delectable treats to enjoy during special occasions, we have everything you need!

Misfits Market saves food that might not be perfect from grocery stores and transforms it into subscription boxes. Their affordable weekly sustainable produce subscriptions range from PS11 for couples to PS22 for a family.

Frog Hollow Farm

Frog Hollow Farm is an organic farm located in Brentwood that provides a range of fruits and vegetables. Their produce can be purchased online or at their farmers markets, while they also offer a CSA where members receive boxes of freshly picked fruits each week from the farm.

They offer an expansive selection of fresh fruits, such as peaches, nectarines, cherries, apricots and plums. Furthermore they sell dried fruit products like chutneys, marmalades and pastries in addition to their fresh offerings.

Their 253 acre farm in Brentwood, CA produces organic stone fruit that has earned them a reputation for producing high-quality and well-matured fruit. They’ve been featured in multiple publications like The New York Times, goop, and Cooking Light.

Farmer Al Courchesne is an early pioneer of organic farming and passionate about cultivating his farm in ways that are socially and environmentally sustainable. Additionally, his business practices promote sustainable labor practices – providing year-round employment to many individuals within the community.

Frog Hollow Farm stands out among other growers due to their commitment to reducing food waste and creating sustainable systems for harvesting the crops. This dedication has allowed them to establish themselves as one of the most reputable and dependable growers in California.

They employ a range of pest control methods to keep their fruits and veggies free from insects, such as pheromone traps. Furthermore, they collaborate with an Agricultural Pest Control Advisor who checks all traps and records data – this information enables them to make informed decisions regarding pest management and pollination strategies.

They strive to produce high-quality organic products that are guaranteed healthy and secure for their customers. Furthermore, they use sustainable agricultural practices and agroforestry techniques in their production process.

Their agroforestry techniques help improve soil quality, suppress weeds and boost crop health by keeping them hydrated. Furthermore, these strategies protect water resources while preventing erosion.

Their products can be purchased at their farm stand and at 10-12 farmers markets each week, with a variety of prices and sizes to suit any need.

Melissa’s Produce

For nearly two and a half decades, Melissa’s Produce has been the largest distributor of specialty produce in America. Established by Sharon and Joe Hernandez in 1984, this family-run business now supplies to restaurants and stores nationwide.

The company also boasts a large food service division that supplies culinary professionals with an extensive selection of fruits, vegetables and dairy items. Their products are sought out by both chefs and home cooks who seek top quality, sustainable ingredients that are seasonally available.

Melissa’s has achieved success through its innovative packaging and value-added offerings, such as creative salads, diced onions and baby beets. According to Robert Schueller from Melissa’s Public Relations Director, they expect their business to keep expanding.

In addition to fresh fruit and vegetable items, the company provides an array of other organic and shelf-stable grocery items. Its online store is user friendly with a blog that shares recipes and information regarding their fruit and vegetable offerings.

Are you searching for a fresh way to enjoy your fruit? Melissa’s offers many fruit-of-the-month clubs. This is an easy way to switch up from your typical fruits.

Another option is the Playtime Produce Combo, which features pretend vegetables and fruits kids can eat with their hands. This set makes an excellent gift for children to play with, encouraging healthy eating habits in a playful manner.

Melissa’s offers a wide selection of fresh produce, as well as toys perfect for children to enjoy. Their durable toys come in various styles like veggie carts, fruit carts and toy gardens. Furthermore, the website provides helpful blogs and recipes on a range of foods to enjoy.

The Fruit Guys

The Fruit Guys have been providing quality produce to their customers for over twenty years. They take customer service seriously, and are certified by Primus – an organization that certifies food safe handlers for home and office settings – with award-winning marketing that keeps them ahead of competition, plus a user-friendly mobile app to order online and track shipments. Not only that, but The Fruit Guys are doing their part to make life easier by donating a portion of each sale towards local food banks and sustainability grants to small farms.

The Fruit Guys, situated in South San Francisco, are one of the premier providers of produce delivery to the Bay Area. Additionally, they boast a cutting-edge cold storage facility to protect your produce from weather elements.

Farmbox Direct

Farmbox Direct is an online grocery and produce delivery service that ships all-natural, organic produce throughout the U.S. Their selection of sizes and box types are customizable, with delivery to more than 24,000 zip codes nationwide.

They offer customizable boxes that allow customers to make up to five substitutions each week, guaranteeing their food is fresh and delicious. Plus, they carry an array of artisanal foods like honey, cheese, and other specialty items.

Their boxes are carefully curated to feature seasonal and delicious items, with an emphasis on local farmers. Every week they source produce that is in season and available for sale, giving subscribers access to a wider variety of fruits and veggies not found elsewhere.

This produce subscription company is an ideal solution for those who want to eat healthily but don’t have the time to shop weekly. Their flexible subscription allows you to skip deliveries, cancel at any time, and pause your account at any time.

The service provides customers with an easy-to-use platform to manage their produce inventory and monitor orders. Furthermore, there are various boxes available, including organic, natural, and juicing choices.

Farmbox Direct also offers an a la carte option in addition to their weekly deliveries, where customers can purchase additional ingredients for use in recipes. This is ideal for those who are uncertain how much produce they’ll need or wish to experiment with different flavors without investing in a full-sized box.

Since 2014, Farmbox Direct has been on a mission to offer an accessible organic produce delivery service that allows consumers to get their hands on fresh in-season fruits and vegetables. They currently deliver to more than 24,000 zip codes in the US with free shipping for all customers.

Farmbox Direct not only offers affordable organic produce, but they also support farmers who may face difficulty affording certification and proper farming practices. Their mission is to bring the produce of local farmers directly to customers who need it more than ever before.

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