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fruit veg box delivery near me

If you’re searching for an easy way to stock up your fridge with healthy produce without running to the grocery store every time something needs replenishing, there may be several viable produce box delivery services near you that provide similar services.

Subscription services offering organic or natural produce delivered from local farmers, while others specialize in helping health-minded consumers incorporate more produce into their diets. Each box can be personalized so you get exactly the amount of fruit and vegetables required by you.

Edible Arrangements

Edible Arrangements is the premier provider of fresh fruit bouquets nationwide delivery. Additionally, they provide snack bundles, meal kits and chocolate fondue dipping kits which make a thoughtful present or mark special events and occasions with ease.

According to CEO Farid Silber, the company has adopted a multi-year strategy for expansion and growth that involves broadening their offerings beyond fruit bouquets while offering lower priced items in order to reach more customers.

As part of its growth strategy, it plans to add baked goods to its website in September. Furthermore, it plans on bundling and narrowing SKUs during key holidays like Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day which it sees as opportunities to boost sales.

Farid Silber explains that these strategies are designed to keep their brand current in an increasingly competitive market, and fruit arrangements have traditionally been their stand-out product; now, however, they seek to sell baked goods, smoothies, and other items from partners of the brand.

Over the coming years, this company aspires to add fresh flowers, cheesecakes, frozen yogurt and chocolates to its selection. By expanding its offering and widening its customer base, the firm hopes to become an increasingly popular resource for everyday gifting needs.

Edible Arrangements’ team will take care in shopping, slicing and arranging fruits so you can enjoy them immediately – they even deliver directly to your door so you can enjoy them instantly! With many fruit trays to choose from there is sure to be one perfect for both your taste preferences and occasion.

From the Farmer

From the Farmer is a convenient online grocery subscription service offering fresh local and organic fruit and vegetables at competitive prices. Their variety of boxes allows customers to tailor their groceries specifically towards cooking essentials or healthy snacks – plus there’s regional coffee delivery as well! And don’t forget the rotating artisan bread shipment that they also provide!

From the Farmer works with a network of local, sustainable and organic farmers to provide fresh produce delivered right to your door. Each seasonal fruit or veggie harvested during its peak season contains more nutrients than those available from grocery stores or supermarkets.

These companies use environmentally-friendly practices, including efficient irrigation and water management, healthy crop rotation practices and recyclable packaging – helping minimize their environmental footprint while guaranteeing fair compensation for farmers.

Choose from six pre-made fruit and veggie boxes available in various sizes, customize your selections as you please and add farm products such as honey or coffee from nearby farms to get exactly the box you’d like delivered directly to you. Order cancellation is even available up until two days before it arrives if necessary!

Family subscription is also offered, specifically targeting smaller households and available weekly or biweekly for delivery.

Misfits Market works with 200 independent farmers to deliver seasonal produce. All visually imperfect items are donated to charities and food banks for distribution.

Produce boxes are an effective way to reduce food waste and save money on grocery bills. Each delivery contains seasonal fruits and veggies such as watermelons, radishes, heirloom tomatoes and apple varieties – the ideal combination to help avoid wasteful eating habits!

Subscription boxes can help busy families save time on grocery shopping while making substitutions if the fruit and vegetables they receive don’t suit their palettes.


Misfits is an online grocery delivery service offering organic produce and specialty groceries at prices up to 40% lower than store prices. Their vast network of farms and food hubs across the nation enables them to access a diverse selection of products.

The selection at Fresh Produce Market changes weekly and includes specialty groceries, sustainably raised meats, organic fruits and vegetables that don’t fit in traditional grocery store aisles due to size or shape issues; along with dry goods pantry items and wine.

Misfits Market also offers a selection of meats, such as free-range non-GMO chicken and grass-fed beef, along with organic eggs and cheeses.

Misfits is dedicated to reducing food waste while helping communities access healthy products that may otherwise go unseen. Established in 2018, Misfits supplies these vital supplies throughout their delivery route network.

They partner with farmers to source produce that cannot be sold at traditional grocery stores due to its size or shape, as well as packaged goods nearing their sell-by date or otherwise in poor condition.

These items can often be found at deep discounts because they’re no longer in high demand and cannot compete against similar products. Furthermore, they offer an assortment of specialty groceries, meats, and wines not often found at local grocery stores.

Affordable, sustainable and organic foods are available from food trucks – perfect for individuals searching for sustainable food options like organic produce. Furthermore, food trucks provide individuals with gluten-free, keto, vegan or paleo diet options and even those living in “food desert” areas limited access to fresh produce options.

The Fruit Guys

Fruit veg box delivery near me offers an ideal way to achieve healthy eating or introduce their children to new fruits and vegetables. Companies providing these boxes use local farms as sources for fruit, and usually include healthy snacks and beverages in them as well.

The Fruit Guys offer subscription boxes of fresh fruit from small farms who practice organic and sustainable farming practices, available in Small, Medium, and Large sizes and come with free fruit guides and recipe sheets.

Chris Mittelstaedt established The Fruit Guys in 1998. Since then, their nationwide business has seen revenue of $30.5 million in sales with an expected 35 million expected this year. Additionally, The Fruit Guys’ Farm Steward program supports small family farms by helping to address issues they encounter such as honeybees going extinct or bats not living among their fruit trees.

The Fruit Guys not only offer healthy meals to businesses, but they also donate fruit to low-income neighborhoods through its Community Fruit Project, where young women entrepreneurs in Bayview-Hunters Point take turns picking fruit from nearby farms and selling it at reduced rates to their community members.

This program benefits everyone involved: the Fruit Guys are able to offer fresh, nutritious food to their customers while the neighborhood benefits from increased economic activity and healthier families.

The Fruit Guys offer an assortment of organic pies and smoothies, coffee and tea beverages, snacks such as almonds, granola bars and raw nuts – not forgetting organic pie dough for handmade pies and tarts! Fans of their products can even schedule one-time deliveries directly to their homes!

Raw Generation

Raw Generation offers an assortment of juice cleanses and smoothie “wellness packs.” Their cold-pressed, flash-frozen juices are preservative-free so that they can easily be stored in your freezer as a quick boost of nutrition whenever you need one.

Their products provide an ideal way to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into a diet, with fruit and veggie boxes offering an assortment of produce such as kale, brussels sprouts and sweet potatoes.

Farm Fresh to You offers weekly organic produce delivery from their second-generation, family-owned farm. Their certified organic box selection makes a great option for families or people seeking to reduce their environmental impact, with sizes suitable for up to 30 people in each box and the option for customizing produce according to individual taste preferences.

They donate any surplus produce to local organizations fighting food poverty. Their boxes can be delivered weekly, biweekly, or monthly for easy pickup and shipping.

Fruit & Veg Box offers more than fruit and veg boxes; they also provide other products like savory kits, kid-friendly meals and specialty meats – as well as offering delivery service to businesses and schools.

Their Signature Reset program is a 90-day juice and smoothie regimen designed to kickstart healthy habits for life. This plan features two cleansing phases with various sets of juices and smoothies as well as recipes to kick-start healthier eating.

Raw Generation offers more than just juices and smoothies; they also offer wellness shots designed to increase energy, digestion, beauty, sleep quality and detoxification. All products are keto-friendly and gluten-free.

DiGiorno provides numerous helpful resources on their website, such as articles on detoxing, weight loss, and gut health. Furthermore, their customer service line can be reached by email, phone, or text for any of your needs.

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