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fruit shop delivery near me

If you’re in need of fresh produce but don’t have time to visit your local supermarket, fruit shop delivery services may be your perfect solution. These companies send you either a weekly or monthly box that features produce that’s often more delicious than what can be purchased at most supermarkets.

Some services also offer fruit baskets with a more luxurious touch, featuring premium apples, pears and citrus as well as some exotic tropical choices.

Misfits Market

Misfits Market is a subscription box service that works with farms to rescue organic produce that’s “not quite perfect”, and delivers it directly to your doorstep. Their prices are 25%-40% lower than grocery store prices, making this an excellent way to save money and support the environment at once!

Shipped fresh to customers’ homes in 48 states, this company offers a selection of options. Their boxes contain seven days worth of fresh fruits and vegetables with local or organic items included; you can also add meats, snacks, and other items to complete your order.

Misfits Market, founded in Philadelphia, strives to reduce food waste by salvaging foods that farmers and stores would otherwise discard. Their mission is to “foster a sustainable food system that benefits people and the planet.”

To accomplish this, they collaborate with farms to source organic produce that may not be ideal or appealing to grocery stores – from entwined carrots to nubby potatoes.

At their warehouse, these products are carefully sorted and packaged before being sent directly to customers’ doors. Customers can also take advantage of exclusive discounts on pantry staples, meats, and other products.

Misfits Market’s website states that they have saved over 228 million pounds of food since their launch in 2018. They boast a growing customer base and aim to expand service to all 50 states by 2025.

They offer a mobile app to order produce online and track its status. They accept all major credit cards, with options to receive your produce every week or every other week.

Misfits Market also offers a selection of meats, fish and other items for your box. Additionally, the company provides plant-based items like beans, legumes and nuts.

Misfits Market also offers organic and non-GMO products. As part of their commitment to reducing their carbon footprint, they use reusable bags and ice packs when shipping out produce.

Misfits Market not only produces their own fresh produce, but they collaborate with several local farms and food hubs to offer a diverse selection of ingredients for their boxes. By using as many local sources as possible, they ensure that their meals remain nutritious and flavorful.

Harry & David

If you’re searching for a gourmet gift basket that brings fresh fruit to your recipient, Harry & David has just what you need. Their selection includes fruit baskets featuring various produce like pears and giant strawberries as well as monthly fruit clubs that send a new box of fruits every month.

You can also order fruit wreaths, which are delicious ways to welcome in the holiday season. Each wreath is filled with fresh fruits and sweet treats so you can have fun with your gift-giving this season.

Harry & David offers some of the most user-friendly filtering options we’ve encountered among fruit basket retailers, making it easier to find something suitable for your recipient’s preferences. You can even filter by occasion if you’re sending something special for a particular person.

Harry & David offers a selection of subscription programs that make it simple to manage all your gifting needs from one convenient online location. Not only does this save time, but it can also provide you with those memorable touches like floral centerpieces or beautifully packaged gift baskets.

Harry & David offers a wide variety of prices, with snacks similar to what you’d find in-store and year-long fruit box subscriptions or one-time gift baskets costing anywhere from several dozen dollars up to several hundred. Wines and other premium items tend to be among the more costly offerings.

For those seeking a more sophisticated gift, Harry & David offers several clubs featuring gourmet chocolates, cookies, and fruit – the Signature Classic, Signature Light, Presidential, and Medley options.

Harry & David offers organic fruit baskets for those concerned with their health, offering a wide selection of USDA certified fruits. These boxes make an ideal option for those on special diets or who have allergies to certain produce items.

The Fruit Guys

For fresh fruit delivery, The Fruit Guys are your go-to experts. Their boxes range from their “staples” box to organic varieties and even seasonal options that’ll make you wish for a fruit tree in your backyard! With such an extensive selection of boxes available, The Fruit Guys make it easy for anyone to get what they want without breaking the bank.

They provide other services like office milk and tea & coffee deliveries. It’s a great alternative for those who want to skip the hassle of going shopping, with their products sure to please even pickiest eaters.

This company has been around for some time and it’s a reliable name to have in your back pocket. They’re renowned for their fruit and veggie boxes as well as other healthy snacks. In addition to offering nutritious food, they are also known for their commitment to sustainability and giving back to the community.

The Fruit Guys offer their services to customers throughout the United States and Canada. Their delivery service is free and fast, while their prices remain competitive. Furthermore, The Fruit Guys have several customer-oriented programs such as Farm-to-School or Donation-a-crate for charitable organizations that benefit the environment.

They offer the widest selection of quality fruit in the industry. Choose from their famous green apples, kiwi fruits and tropical fruit of the month. Plus they have various boxes so you can customize your order to meet your individual needs. Or join their Fruit of the Month Club and try new types of produce without having to shop around – all locally sourced and USDA certified organic!

Fruit Bouquets

Fruit Bouquets is a fruit shop that provides same-day delivery of edible arrangements, flower bouquets and chocolate dipped fruits. Their products come in various sizes and flavors to suit all types of occasions.

The company delivers its products to homes and offices throughout the United States. They accept American Express, Visa, Discover, MasterCard, JCB, Diners Club, Bill Me Later and PayPal as payment methods. Furthermore, there’s free shipping on orders over $35! Additionally, its website is secure with SSL encryption to protect your personal information; additionally it provides email confirmation of your order.

Their edible arrangements are ideal for birthdays and other special occasions, and you can order them either online or at a retail store. Their delicious treats come with various dipped fruits such as strawberries, mangoes and bananas that you can customize with other items like dry goods, non-edible candies and sweets or stuffed dolls.

Popular items include the Fluttering Fruits Arrangement, which comes in a 32-ounce container and features seasonal fruits like juicy slices of oranges, butterflies-shaped pineapple covered in sprinkles, cantaloupe wedges, and grapes. Perfect for birthdays and anniversaries, you can even order this product with chocolate-dipped strawberries to add an extra special touch!

Another fantastic selection is Delightful Ladybug Strawberries. This half-dipped strawberry ladybug will surely put a smile on your loved one’s face, and it comes in either a dozen or two pack quantities.

This classic treat is ideal for anniversaries and birthdays, as well as thank you gifts or to commemorate a new baby. Made with white chocolate-dipped strawberries, you can customize it further by selecting colorful sprinkles or nuts to add that special touch.

Dark chocolate-dipped strawberries are also available, allowing you to select from several berry combinations for the ideal recipient. You can even order a large arrangement for an extended family or group of friends.

This company utilizes patented refrigeration technology to guarantee the freshness of its dipped fruits. It delivers them through refrigerated delivery vehicles and custom arrangement carriers, while supporting local farms and organic food initiatives with reduced emissions. Furthermore, they are dedicated to giving back to their community through various volunteer and philanthropic programs.

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