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Rather than going to the store yourself, fruit and veggie delivery services offer convenient, money-saving solutions to satisfy your produce cravings. From fresh, delicious produce right to your door step nationwide – fruit and veggie delivery services offer you just that service.

While some services specialize in “ugly” produce — fruits and vegetables passed over by grocery stores due to cosmetic considerations or not meeting mass-market demand — others provide only organic or in-season offerings.

Farm Fresh to You

If you love organic, non-GMO food but lack time to go shopping or attend farmer’s markets regularly, a fruit and veggie delivery service could be just what’s needed to meet your organic produce needs. These services connect consumers directly with local farmers that grow organic produce that they then deliver directly to your doorstep.

Farm Fresh to You is an online produce delivery service that utilizes sustainable practices and offers a selection of fruits and vegetables, as well as products like pasture-raised eggs, dairy, artisan honey and organic nuts. Customize your box and select delivery frequency so you’re guaranteed exactly what you need!

These companies donate a considerable portion of their sales to charities that promote environmental and human wellbeing; for example, they donate approximately 100,000 pounds of fruit to food banks each year.

Their service is straightforward to use, making signing up easy and personalizing your box with the ingredients that best meet your needs. Furthermore, you can shop their shop if you want to save money or stock up on particular ingredients.

Farm Fresh to You offers weekly or biweekly deliveries of an assortment of fruit and veggies, with pre-picked options perfect for those who like surprises when it comes to produce delivery, while customizable boxes allow you to personalize a box that suits the size and needs of your family.

Farm Fresh to You stands out as an added benefit by being 100% organically certified through third-party certification, and their farms follow eco-friendly practices such as efficient irrigation and water management, healthy crop rotation, recyclable packaging materials, and local fertilizers.

Farm Fresh to You stands apart from other produce subscription services by procuring its items directly from its family farm in California’s Capay Valley. In business since 1976, they strive to keep subscribers connected through newsletters and tours.

Their website makes it easy to set your preferences and schedule deliveries at any time, while any time if you are dissatisfied with the box you can cancel within two days. They even give you the option of “never sending” certain items that your family doesn’t eat each week to save time and effort each week.

The FruitGuys

The FruitGuys are a produce delivery service offering healthy snacks and fruit to offices nationwide. Their variety of boxes offers non-GMO seasonal produce as well as snacking staples like apples and bananas – while their company also actively works towards supporting small farmers and feeding the hungry.

San Francisco-based Pacific Harvest operates 11 locations throughout the U.S. It specializes in offering both organic and conventional produce from small family farms near regional hubs, so customers always have a variety of fresh, local options available to them.

Their subscription box service involves weekly or bi-weekly deliveries, with customers having the flexibility to pause, stop or cancel at any time. Their boxes range from Harvest Mixes featuring non-GMO produce to Staples Mixes featuring locally grown apples, citrus and bananas; pricing starts from around $36 for small boxes (16 servings), $42 for medium (25 servings) and up to 50 (up to 50) servings per box respectively.

One of the great aspects of this company is that they directly purchase all fruit from local farmers – helping them survive while also supporting the community and economy! This makes this business one of the best examples of community support!

Signing up for their produce subscription service is as simple as entering your zip code; then they’ll deliver you a customized box each week! Plus, all visually imperfect or excess produce they receive goes towards food banks and charities!

Fruit and veggie delivery services provide a convenient alternative to grocery store visits for fresh produce. Most often these services cost less than buying it directly at the market and often offer greater variety for less.

The FruitGuys specialize in producing and delivering nutritious snacks to businesses, schools and homes across North America. Their partnerships with 200 independent farms ensure fresh, sustainable and local options. As a Certified B Corporation they’re dedicated to sustainable practices while supporting small farms – which is great news for employees feeling proud to work for an ethical organization!

Farmbox Direct

Farmbox Direct offers a weekly delivery service of organic produce directly from local farms to its subscribers across the United States. Partnering with these farms enables the company to tailor boxes that suit various families of different sizes and preferences – offering Fruit & Veggie Box and Veggies Only Box options among many more!

The company strives to make healthy, nutritious produce accessible to all Americans by procuring organic food items from select farms throughout the US. They adhere to a stringent “real food policy”, meaning all their products come from farms without artificial additives such as fertilizers or pesticides.

Farmbox delivers fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs to its customers every week. Their team of nutrition experts educate consumers on the many health benefits associated with each produce they receive as well as recipes that encourage customers to utilize Farmbox produce for tasty dishes.

Farmbox stands out by using biodegradable or recyclable shipping materials, helping protect the environment while saving on your grocery bill. In addition, their customer support team is always ready and waiting to answer questions regarding any products received.

Prices from this company are reasonable, too. With several subscription plans that meet a range of budget and taste needs, it allows customers to customize their box. Up to five substitutions may be added each week so you get produce that suits you and your family best.

Farmbox Direct also offers coupons as a great way to save money. Use their promo code for 10% off on your first order!

Produce Delivery Service provides fresh, organic produce in season for easy pickup weekly delivery of produce for busy families or individuals who prefer convenience over shopping in-person.

Edible Arrangements

Edible Arrangements is a fruit and veggie delivery service offering boxes filled with freshly picked fruits and veggies as well as sweet treats such as fruit bouquets or chocolate-dipped strawberries.

Tariq Farid founded his business at age 16, when he opened a flower shop. By 1999, however, he expanded by selling fruit slices shaped like flowers on skewers, an idea which caught on quickly.

As a result, their brand has become synonymous with fruit arrangements, including its well-known bouquets of pineapples, melons, and strawberries (via Kitchn). But there are other ways you can access their treats, and there’s more than meets the eye behind their story.

Edible Arrangements offers more than fruit bouquets; their product offerings now also include cheesecake, popcorn and nuts – giving consumers more choice for finding something they will enjoy.

Additionally, this brand has made an effort to prioritize organic products over any containing chemicals or preservatives, earning itself an excellent reputation among health and wellness enthusiasts.

Over time, this has led to significant expansion for the business, currently valued at $500 million and with a prominent presence in the food industry.

One major change that has greatly assisted the brand is its new promotional and marketing approach. No longer relying on discounts as an inducement for sales, instead prioritizing free delivery has seen significantly higher average ticket totals according to CEO Farid Silber.

So far, Edible Music’s business is expanding quickly and expanding into additional types of products (via Franchise Times). Recently it even unveiled an on-demand music streaming platform called Edible Music!

Though fruit may not be considered a traditional holiday present, it remains popular and can be used to create beautiful arrangements ranging from table centerpieces and party snacks to wall displays and art installations.

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