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No matter the season or availability, there are online companies providing fresh produce direct from local farms in bulk quantities.

Many of these services offer subscription-based boxes of fresh fruits and vegetables delivered right to your door – perfect for stocking up on produce for a week’s supply!

Farmbox Direct

Farmbox Direct is a subscription-based produce delivery service that delivers organic and naturally grown fruit and vegetables directly from local farms to your doorstep each week.

Subscription services like this one provide an ideal way for individuals looking to reduce grocery store shopping hassle and consume healthier. Boxes of fruit and vegetables for both snacks and meals are provided; you can customize size of box, make substitutions as necessary, etc. With this commitment-free subscription plan.

They offer three sizes of boxes – small, medium and large – as well as an ever-rotating fruit and veggie menu that changes every week. You can customize your box by making up to five substitutions; additionally you can opt for all-veggie, fruit only or mixed boxes.

Another great benefit of this service is their wide range of recipes for using your produce – everything from roasted purple potatoes and rainbow carrots to avocado toast will likely find their way into your menu! Don’t wait; give this service a try today to discover something delicious!

Farmbox Direct’s prices for produce are comparable to conventional supermarkets; their only distinguishing feature is nationwide delivery instead of being restricted to certain cities or states. Shipping rates do not depend on what’s inside your box, although there is an order handling fee of $5.98.

Farmbox Direct not only specializes in producing but also provides other groceries like responsibly sourced meats and seafoods from sustainable fisheries as well as dairy, snacks and grains. In addition, they have meal kit subscriptions available which make shopping simple each week and partner with national healthcare plans to provide produce-focused boxes to their members.

Melissa’s Produce

Melissa’s Produce is one of the United States’s premier fruit and veg distributors, providing conventional, exotic, organic produce, dairy products, processed goods such as edible flowers or dried fruits & mushrooms, processed items as well as frozen, juices & purees to retailers throughout the nation.

This company is known for providing superior produce from its Los Angeles facility, such as Latin and Asian vegetables, organic produce, variety squash and soy products aimed at health-conscious customers.

Traditional, popular Asian vegetables have become more accustomed to consumers, while smaller varieties such as petite bok choy and petite Shanghai bok choy have grown increasingly popular, according to Robert Schueller, public relations manager for Melissa’s Produce in Vernon, Calif. These micro-sized veggies boast higher nutrition content while remaining easy to prepare.

Specialty produce is an integral component of a healthy diet, according to Dr. Leinart. It offers consumers colorful, nutrient-rich options that keep them feeling vibrant and energetic.

Robert noted that over the years his food service division has seen its food service division expand to offer culinary professionals a comprehensive selection of conventional fruits and vegetables, exotics, Melissa’s full line of organic produce, farmer’s market picks and other specialty products.

Additionally, the company is dedicated to industry and consumer education regarding specialty produce. Furthermore, they support numerous charities while boasting a great family culture that makes working here enjoyable and productive.

With their dedicated team at your service, you can enjoy fresh and delectable produce without ever having to leave home! This convenient option is ideal for busy individuals who don’t have time to shop themselves for groceries in person.

Abel & Cole

Abel & Cole is an innovative organic food delivery service, sourcing products directly from farms and producers in local communities. Offering weekly or bi-weekly deliveries of organic groceries and recipe boxes.

Abel & Cole strives to offer its customers delectable organic groceries while prioritizing sustainability and environmental responsibility. Working closely with farmers and suppliers ensure that its products are as fresh as possible; using eco-friendly packaging materials; and even giving back through its “One Box: One Portion Initiative.” It truly offers customers delicious organic groceries!

Fruit & veg boxes from Harvest Box are carefully curated by their team of foodies, so you’ll never receive wonky or imperfect produce. All produce is fresh, pesticide-free, organically grown.

Utilizing this service also can help reduce food waste. By making box swaps for certain fruits and veggies that you only want, this service allows you to ensure you only get what you want; while the website provides helpful guides to reduce waste.

Abel & Cole offers not only organic veg and fruit boxes, but also offers a comprehensive selection of fridge, pantry, and household items from their organic grocery collection – such as meats, fishes, dairy and more!

Organic Recipe Box is well known for their variety of organic recipe boxes that offer something for every palate and cooking style imaginable, offering simple, light, fast, speedy foodie vegan and other recipes for delicious home meals that you and your family will surely love.

Abel & Cole has become an essential part of many people’s lives, and continues to expand. Their commitment to sustainability, waste reduction and eco-friendly business practices has contributed to building a loyal customer base for Abel & Cole.

Milk & More

Milk & More is a UK-based home delivery service offering customers fresh fruit and veg products sourced from local providers and delivered right to your door. They also sell a selection of household products and snacks.

This company offers an impressive selection of fruit and veg that can be ordered online, including organic varieties. Furthermore, value selection boxes are also offered as options.

Es is one of the best ways to shop for vegetables, as you can select what you want at a fraction of the cost and take advantage of seasonal offerings such as radishes and strawberries.

Milk & More offers more than its regular selection of vegetables; they also provide weekly veg boxes which feature freshly-picked, seasonal produce delivered directly to you at an incredible affordable rate – nationwide delivery!

Additionally, it offers an impressive variety of cheeses – both artisanal varieties and more conventional offerings – plus you can opt for doorstep delivery of milk and yoghurt products.

Another aspect that sets this business apart is its dedication to zero waste packaging, leading it to partner with Again, an innovative startup which creates reusable packaging from used bottles and other single-use items.

Milk & More offers a fantastic way to reduce plastic waste. Their focus on environmental sustainability makes this program the perfect partner to make an impactful statement about responsible consumption.

This brand is also cutting its energy costs. Recently, they partnered with Geotab reseller LEVL Telematics and implemented new fleet technology that helps better manage their vehicles, track drivers’ journey data, improve driver efficiency and save energy costs – an opportunity they cannot pass up.

The Fruit Guys

Fruit Guys prides itself on offering fresh and organic produce from regional farms across the U.S. It offers various boxes that vary by time of year, offering both simple produce boxes as well as extensive packages containing vegetables and other dry goods.

Fresh fruits and veggies aren’t the only things available here; dry goods such as pasta and rice, gourmet snacks and more can also be purchased here in South San Francisco for delivery to Bay area customers.

Established in 1998, The Fruit Guys are an employee-owned company providing healthy alternatives to workplace food vending machines throughout the U.S. Their mission is to enhance employee productivity, happiness and health through providing a steady supply of fruit, vegetables and healthy packaged snacks.

Chris Mittelstaedt has done much to foster a culture of teamwork at his company, emphasizing employee retention and helping employees feel a connection to it.

He encourages more personalized e-mails in order to foster employee connection and engagement, and believes in videoconferencing tools like Zoom to ensure remote workers stay engaged with the company.

The Fruit Guys are a certified B corporation and work closely with regional farms to source seasonal produce for sale. Furthermore, they give back through GoodWorks initiatives and their nonprofit FruitGuys Community Fund which awards grants for sustainable farming projects.

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