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Are you fed up with searching supermarket shelves for fresh fruits and veggies? There are plenty of home delivery services in Melbourne that offer produce right to your door. Plus, some are even helping combat food waste!

Mark Ball, co-founder of Mischief Farms, notes that up to 40% of Australian produce never makes it to the grocery store due to flaws, undersized items or an outdated grading system that doesn’t accurately reflect its nutritional value. “These fruits and vegetables should never be wasted,” he emphasizes.

Bluebonnet BBQ

American barbecue is one of Melbourne’s beloved pastimes – the slow, laborious process of slow-cooking, rubbing and smoking meat with delicious sides. Over the years, numerous authentic Southern-style smokehouses have opened their doors across Melbourne from Louisiana to Texas and now even South America.

Bluebonnet BBQ’s journey has been an interesting one, beginning as a pop-up and eventually transitioning to become a food truck before opening their rustic restaurant in Collingwood. Unfortunately, that venue burned down recently, but Chris Terlikar and his team have moved forward with their next phase of growth in an old 140 year old pub called North Fitzroy Star.

Bluebonnet BBQ now offers guests the unique ability to order their smoked meats directly from the bar and have them delivered right to their door. Choose from brisket, pork belly, smoked beef cheek, lamb shoulder or more – all cooked fresh in-house!

In addition to the smoked meats, you can order drinks and sides from the bar like the famous grilled broccolini with smoked almonds and whipped feta, potato salad with buttery leeks and horseradish aioli or cornbread made with fermented black garlic and honey-thyme butter. To top it off you can even order a pecan bourbon pie!

Bring Me Home

The Bring Me Home app (available in Sydney’s CBD and new suburbs added weekly) enables you to purchase and pick up discounted surplus food from restaurants and cafes – approximately 1 out of every 5 meals are binned. That means you could save a fortune on meals at your favourite eatery!

It also offers a helpful food-stacking calculator, which lets you know how much to spend on meals based on your dietary needs and budget. They deliver to suburbs within 20 kilometres of the CBD.

In addition to fruit and veg boxes, they sell smoked meats such as brisket, pork belly and lamb shoulder that have been cooked and ready for you to heat at home – prices start at $17.

They have an online store featuring a range of other items. Heirloom tomatoes, daikon radish, pumpkin, herbs, eggs and sourdough are just some of the goodies you can pick up there.

It’s no secret that much of our food goes to waste. Therefore, it is refreshing to see companies trying to reduce this by providing consumers with the opportunity to purchase quality excess food at a fraction of its normal cost.

Collingwood Children’s Farm

If you’re searching for a fun day out with your children on a farm, Collingwood Children’s Farm is the perfect destination. From horses and cows to sheep and goats, this farm provides plenty of animal attractions for visitors to see. This makes Collingwood Children’s Farm ideal for families who want an active day out together.

On the second Saturday of each month, Ottawa hosts a farmers market which offers fresh produce from local growers. Plus, your entry fee goes directly to these wonderful people so you can feel good about buying food locally!

After you’ve had enough of the farm animals, come to our cafe for a relaxing day! Enjoy some time together walking along the Yarra River or just have coffee and delicious pastries.

The farm also hosts a community garden that was saved from demolition. This has been done in collaboration with various community organisations and forms part of an overall movement for urban agriculture in our state, which seeks to rebuild and revitalize its food system.

Clementine Cafe

Clementine Cafe is a charming eatery that’s an excellent option for lunch. They serve soups, sandwiches, cookies and coffee; their line always seems long but it moves quickly. There are several counters inside as well as an outdoor bench if you’re looking for some peace and quiet during your meal.

Sisters Carolina and Raya Konrad own this restaurant alongside chef Chris Gama. It has a stunning space that feels suspended above the street with light exposed brick walls and black-and-white zigzagging floor tiles.

In addition to their food offerings, they’ve earned a following for their extensive cocktail menu that will please any brunch-lover. A favorite? The Dude–made up of tonka bean-infused milk, bourbon and Kahlua with espresso.

Another tempting option is a yogurt panna cotta topped with freeze-dried raspberry drupelets, hemp hearts and cool granita. Plus they offer an extensive selection of artisanal teas as well as an impressive bar.

Clementine Restaurant & Lounge is one of the top choices in town, and you should definitely give it a try! The service is impeccable and their menu offers something special. Plus, you can order food to go – an ideal combination!

Northside Fruit & Veg

Northside Fruit & Veg, known for supplying restaurants such as IDES and Attica with premium produce, has now launched its own home delivery service. They source products directly from local farms and strive to deliver only the freshest veggies and fruits year-round.

This small business offers a selection of fruit and vegetable boxes, which range from one ($29), two ($49) or four ($69) crates. Perfect for anyone wanting to stock up on seasonal ingredients for meals or snacks at an unbeatably affordable price tag – the boxes make great lunches or dinners too!

This women-run food delivery business mainly services the inner suburbs, but its extensive selection of gourmet goods and market-fresh produce make it worth visiting (and taking a look). We especially love their antipasto section – filled with cheeses, olives and cured meats – as well as their bread selection, pasta dishes, olive oil products, milk products and wine options.

It also offers an impressive selection of vegan-friendly products, divided into two packs – Adora-Bowl pack includes ingredients like acai and matcha, while Plant-Based Lockdown includes popcorn chicken, gnocchi and house-made vegan cheese. Their signature drinks such as vegan milk, kombucha and toilet paper round out their offerings.

Tanaka Farm

Tanaka Farm is a local family-owned farm located in Orange County that produces fruits and vegetables. It’s one of the most popular local farms for families to visit, making it an ideal spot to take your kids for an exciting day of exploration and fun!

Tanaka Farms is renowned for their fresh fruit, which includes peaches, plums, nectarines and other citrus. Additionally they carry an assortment of vegetables as well as nuts.

On summer afternoons, you can also take a tour of their fields and pick strawberries to take home with you. This makes an enjoyable activity for kids and adults alike – particularly if you have young children!

Tanaka Farms in the autumn is an ideal destination for families to pick pumpkins off the vine. There are many varieties to choose from and you can even take a wagon ride around the patch for some extra enjoyment!

It’s best to call ahead for tours of the farm so you don’t miss out. Depending on when you visit, you may even get to pick strawberries or watermelon to take home with you!

To Be Frank

If you enjoy the food at Collingwood Children’s Farm cafe, now you can order small ($65), medium ($110) or large ($79) produce boxes for pickup and delivery. These include weekly subscription options as well as North Melbourne’s Bread Club’s sourdough loaves, free-range eggs and milk. In addition, this women-led business stocks artisan produce like cheeses and pantry staples plus local booze and wine.

Frank’s Fruit Market in Haberfield is now offering home delivery to addresses within their service area Monday to Friday. Their range includes fresh and organic fruit, vegetables, nuts and honey sourced from around the world by resident expert Thanh Truong (known as “Fruit Nerd”) who loves sharing his tips on fruit trends with customers. As a Mazda ambassador with 25 million views on YouTube, you know you’re getting top-quality Australian produce at wholesale prices from this family-run business.

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