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Geelong Fresh Foods is a family-run business and widely renowned as an outstanding provider of fresh produce. Their commitment to quality, affordability and friendliness sets them apart from their competition.

Sign up as a customer and get delivered a monthly fresh produce box. Not only will this box provide you with nutritious organic foods, but it will also donate 50 meals each month to Australians in need of hunger relief.

Geelong Fresh Foods

Geelong Fresh Foods is a family-run fruit and veg shop that stocks organic produce sourced daily by passionate growers. Located on Pakington Street in Geelong, it strives to bring healthy products directly to its customers. Managed by brothers Mark & Daniel Virgona and sister Carmel Gili, Geelong Fresh Foods strives to offer their customers the best of Australian produce from both local growers as well as Melbourne Markets.

The shop is well-equipped to cater to their customers’ special requirements, with a gluten free section and gourmet deli offering an array of fine foods. Here you’ll find everything from meats and cheeses to olives, dips and antipasto.

They also provide a contactless shopping service, which allows you to place an order online and select when and where your groceries will be delivered. All that’s required is filling out the order form; then the team will get in touch to finalize it. This service is available throughout Geelong and surrounding areas such as Bellarine or Surf Coast regions – making it a great way to maximize the value of your weekly grocery shop while supporting local business!

Food For Change

Food For Change is an organisation that brings fresh produce to homes around Australia. Customers receive a large food box with 9kg of produce for just $70 delivered each month, providing an affordable way to enjoy nutritious, delicious local and sustainably sourced meals while contributing towards improving the lives of Australians in need. With every subscription sold, 50 meals are provided to those in need – struggling families and children, refugees and the homeless.

The company also has a partnership with the University of Hertfordshire (UHD), offering students free access to the UHD Food for Change Market. This enables them to shop before, between or after class without having to spend any money. Students find this helps reduce stress on them as they focus on their studies while maintaining personal responsibility for their family’s needs. Food for Change also offers other services to support the community and motivate local businesses to remain sustainable. For further details about their services and how you can contribute, please visit their website or reach out directly. They are more than happy to answer any queries! And if you have any suggestions for improving the experience, let us know!


The In2Food is a family-run business that delivers fresh produce to homes, offices and events throughout Victoria, the ACT and NSW. They provide a range of services from personalized deliveries to online ordering and pick up/drop off points for convenience-minded shoppers. The company has earned a reputation for always delivering on time, every time. Their customer service team is renowned for being responsive, friendly, and helpful. They offer an expansive selection of products, such as fruit, veg, meat and pantry staples – with delivery days varying depending on your location. Best of all? In2Food delivers at a price you can afford while offering some freebies too! Get in touch today to learn more. In2Food has also joined forces with local businesses to bring Geelong’s magic right to your door step through their partnership program!

Food Delivery Geelong

Food Delivery Geelong is an exceptional service that will bring quality food directly to your door. Ordering online and monitoring orders by minute ensures you always get what you want.

Uber Eats, Deliveroo and Doordash are three of Australia’s most popular food delivery platforms. All three have a strong presence in their respective markets and offer restaurant partners many benefits such as extensive geographic reach, an array of cuisines and credit card acceptance.

However, smaller companies are also making headway in the industry. One popular local platform is Easi, founded by a Melbourne entrepreneur in 2015. Although this business is relatively new to food delivery services, it has already proven highly profitable and is growing rapidly.

Another popular option is Providoor, an Australian-founded company offering gourmet food delivery in Melbourne. Their menus have been meticulously curated by top chefs and they will prepare your meal before hand and then deliver it directly to you.

Melbourne’s premier restaurants are featured on their website. All you have to do is pick your dishes and place an order through their website.

With their selection of over 35 dishes and set menus, their team of professionals will deliver it right to you. If you’re feeling extra special, have your meal prepared by a local chef for an extra special touch!

For busy Geelong locals, finding time to cook and prepare meals can be a real struggle. Shopping for groceries, prepping ingredients and then cooking the food can be an ordeal that doesn’t seem worth the trouble!

Delidoor offers the perfect solution to all those problems, offering nutritious and delicious meals that help you maintain a balanced diet. Our freezer meals can be quickly thawed and heated up in no time, giving you access to satisfying, healthy meals when you don’t have time or don’t feel like cooking.

The food delivery market in Australia is on the rise. With over 850 million dollars being spent on this industry by 2021, it’s clear that demand is growing quickly. These companies are expanding rapidly and making it possible for more people to enjoy fresh-made dishes delivered right to their door in Geelong and beyond.

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