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If you want to incorporate more fresh, nutritious fruits and vegetables into your diet but don’t have the time or desire to shop for them on your own, there are numerous fruit and vegetable delivery services that will deliver directly to your door.

These services deliver local produce right to your door each week or biweekly, enabling you to personalize your selections by including pantry staples as well as meats and dairy. All options also feature organic or sustainable options.

The FruitGuys

The FruitGuys are an award-winning Certified B Corporation founded by Chris Mittelstaedt that specialize in providing farm-fresh fruit and snacks to companies nationwide. Their network consists of eleven regional hubs nationwide which serve clients.

The mission of this family-owned and operated business is to promote employee wellness through boxes of farm-fresh fruit and thoughtful snacks from farms across the U.S. Additionally, all visually imperfect produce donated is donated directly to food banks or charities for distribution to its recipients.

Your Box offers boxes in various sizes to meet any budget, with either fruit-only or veggie-and-fruit options. Produce is sourced locally from sustainable farms near its regional hubs; most is organic.

These businesses provide an effective and environmentally-friendly way to support local farmers at reasonable prices, using biodegradable shipping materials that are biodegradable or recyclable.

Their selection varies throughout the year to give you access to fresh fruits and vegetables – from apples, pears, peaches and traditional snacks like mangoes and avocados, all the way to exotic mangoes and avocados!

Create the produce box of your dreams! Choose from an array of substitutions – carrots and cucumbers are great additions! Every week you will get fresh greens and veggies that can add an exciting new dimension to your favorite recipes.

We love that this company sources their ingredients from local farms, providing seasonal items in every box so you won’t miss out. Furthermore, their company is transparent about where their fruits come from so that you know you are receiving only top-quality produce.

Another excellent feature of this service is its community fund, which awards grants to sustainable small farms and agricultural nonprofits that make an impactful statement about environmental sustainability, local food systems diversity or farm diversity. Since 2012, this fund has awarded 41 small farms funding for projects ranging from owl boxes to honey bee hives.

Harry & David

Harry & David offers one of the premier fruit and veg boxes available online. A favorite among foodies and gift givers alike, their site features an abundance of delectable treats sure to impress – from high-end artisanal chocolate to cheesey pretzels and fresh produce – you can find everything here and more at your fingertips! In addition, their cool website design sets them apart, as does customer service that goes above and beyond expectations; additionally they even provide large and small e-mail box options and free shipping when signing up with their newsletter!

Clubs of America

No matter your motives for looking to add more fruits and veggies to their diet or as a gift idea, fruit and veg boxes make a thoughtful gesture that keeps loved ones healthy while feeding them nutritious, seasonal produce – many even offer add-ons like cheeses, nuts or candy!

There are various fruit clubs that deliver directly to your doorstep every month, offering an assortment of fruits from around the world. Some clubs boast their own orchards and farms while others work with partners across various countries in order to bring exotic and locally-grown fruit right to you!

Frog Hollow Farm, known for their innovative farming practices and fresh organic fruit deliveries. Their boxes come with three, five or ten pounds of fruit per order for your convenience.

This fruit club offers an impressive variety of exotic and specialty varieties such as dragon fruit or Hawaiian papayas at a very reasonable cost per pound, along with fun facts about each fruit you receive and recipes on how you can incorporate it into your cooking. Each shipment also comes with an informative newsletter filled with fun facts about them as well as recipes for using them in culinary creations.

Not only does Fruitfull offer fruit-only boxes, they also provide vegetable subscriptions ranging in price and size from $69 to $200 depending on your preferences and produce needs. You can select among a selection of subscription plans depending on how much produce is necessary as well as whether or not store-bought garlic, kale and cilantro are to be included with each delivery.

The Fruit Company offers small-quantity fruit of the month clubs with plans ranging from four to 30 pieces of produce per shipment. Choose your payment and delivery frequency options as well as when your club would start shipping – up to 11 months ahead!

From the Farmer

From the Farmer delivers local, sustainable and organic produce directly to you in convenient boxes. Choose between what’s seasonal for you – fruits or vegetables alone – or select one with additional nutritious products like regional coffee and artisan bread!

The company offers an easy website where you can select organic or conventional produce, choose a combination of fruits and vegetables and choose your size of box. Furthermore, this provides an accurate estimation of how much produce will be needed for meals and snacks.

Their produce comes from family farms that practice organic methods and follow green practices like efficient irrigation, nutrient-rich soil and local fertilizers. Plus, they have sizes and options tailored specifically to those with specific dietary restrictions!

Produce Box is an excellent option for people trying to reduce their environmental footprint, with flexible pause and skip delivery options that make managing deliveries simple. Plus, their online store features additional items you may find useful to supplement your weekly produce box delivery.

From the Farmer is an excellent option for anyone living in the DMV looking for fresh produce delivered right to their door, as well as regional coffee deliveries and rotating artisan bread deliveries.

This service aims to keep you healthy and content by providing organic, non-GMO produce from small family farms. Your box may change each week depending on what’s in season.

Your local market offers everything from heirloom tomatoes and watermelons, radishes, leafy greens and cucumbers – including specialty veggies like Argentine yacon water root or Andean pichuberries!

This company offers boxes that are up to 40% less expensive than grocery store offerings, and ships them throughout the Northeast, South and Midwest regions. Their wide selection of goods allows you to stock your pantry with essentials like eggs, dairy and meats for an efficient shopping experience.

Subscription boxes offer an effective solution for busy people looking to stay on top of their food costs while saving money by selecting fresh produce more affordably through subscription services than buying individual fruits and vegetables from stores.

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