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When it comes to fresh fruit purchases, nothing beats buying from reliable stores that specialize in this produce. Such stores will ensure you receive an abundance of produce at competitive prices.

Edible Arrangements(r) creates fruit arrangements, fruit trays and other fruit gifts with only premium-quality fruits and ingredients to guarantee that they arrive fresh at your door or that of their recipients.

Edible Arrangements(r)

Edible Arrangements is one of the world’s leading franchisors of shops offering creatively designed fresh cut fruit arrangements, with more than 1,200 independently owned franchise locations open or under development worldwide. Alongside their signature fruit bouquets, these stores also provide convenient grab-and-go treats such as fruit smoothies and fruit-topped desserts for grab-and-go gifts!

In 2013, Fresh Market reached $500 million in worldwide sales, and is experiencing consistent 11-1 growth due to new store formats and the introduction of innovative concepts for fresh fruit-related health.

One of the newest concepts, Fresh-tini(r), offers colorful fruit in a cocktail-style container that makes a beautiful display when entertaining or taking to work. Another fast-growing category is Edible To Go(r) line featuring all-natural fresh fruit smoothies, dipped fruit treats and more!

Edible Arrangements offers fruit gift baskets and boxes of their delicious Dipped Fruit ™, including chocolate-dipped strawberries and banana bites covered in white and semisweet chocolate – which can be picked up within seven minutes at your local Edible Arrangements location and enjoyed immediately!

These sweet treats make a healthy alternative to flowers and candy gifts, featuring less calories per item than most other options. If you’re trying to reduce caloric intake or cut back altogether on sugary sweets, fruit arrangements could be just what’s needed!

Fruit arrangements are an elegant yet effortless way to show your appreciation or show “I care,” whether for someone’s efforts or achievements. Last-minute presents can also make this gift truly thoughtful, making sure someone remembers this memorable gesture from you!

Edible Arrangements(r) offers convenient same-day gift delivery for birthdays, anniversaries and any last-minute events requiring sweet treats for guests. Their seven-minute pickup options make shopping online and having it ready at a store simple and timely! Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries or last-minute gatherings!

Since our selection of exquisite fruit arrangements and delectable Chocolate Dipped Fruit(tm) treats are ready for seven-minute pickup, you won’t ever forget a special event again! Plus, why not customize it even further by ordering our Great Outdoors Mug filled with signature Apple Fruit Truffles(r) or our box of delightful chocolate dipped strawberries?

Harry & David

In 1910, Harry and David Rosenberg’s father Samuel Rosenberg exchanged his hotel in Seattle for 240 acres of orchards near Medford, Oregon. Soon after graduating Cornell with agricultural degrees, both brothers founded Bear Creek Orchards with its signature Comice pear labeled as Royal Riviera.

Though now owned by 1-800-Flowers, the company began as an Oregon orchard fruit mail-order business that shipped fruit across the nation to customers via magazines and catalogs; their gift baskets became particularly popular around the holidays.

Harry & David has experienced financial challenges over time, yet is back on its feet thanks to an array of strategies and marketing efforts, most importantly its dedication to customer service according to CEO Steve Lightman.

He stated that their simple strategy has helped ensure both old and new customers, as well as an increasing younger demographic, are satisfied customers. Furthermore, the company has taken an intentional effort to connect emotionally with shoppers year-round and build long-term relationships.

As part of their efforts, the company recently revealed a new brand positioning centered around sharing. Their campaign encourages shoppers to share their stories while also engaging with the brand on a two-way level.

The new message, which centers around the idea that sharing creates relationships and strengthens bonds, draws inspiration from the company’s rich heritage. It will be implemented throughout its marketing and social media channels.

Example: Harry & David recently unveiled a series of videos honoring its employees for making its specialty products possible, as an effective way of showing customers how Harry & David works to produce its special items and engaging customers emotionally with its brand.

Another element that has helped keep the company afloat is its online shopping platform, enabling customers to purchase an array of fruits, gourmet meals and baked goods.

Subscription box programs from this company provide customers with convenient monthly deliveries of delicious foods they can enjoy at home. Subscription boxes are especially appealing to young customers looking for an easy way to access a range of different flavors.

The Fruit Guys

The Fruit Guys are industry leaders when it comes to providing farm-fresh fruit and snacks to American workplaces. Established by Chris Mittelstaedt in 1998, their service has grown into a national operation serving both large and small companies alike.

TakeHome, the company’s flagship product, is an efficient system designed to bring organic produce from regional farms directly into employees’ workplaces for consumption at home – something especially necessary given that only 14 percent of Americans consume the recommended daily servings of fruits and vegetables.

Delivers a range of products such as fresh seasonal fruits, artisanal cheeses and beverages such as beer, wine and spirits. Made from earth-friendly recycled cardboard printed with soy-based inks to reduce emissions while maintaining freshness.

In addition to providing goods, The Fruit Guys have also implemented numerous charitable programs designed to make a positive difference in local communities. One initiative, called Farm Steward Program, donates equipment for sustainably managing small family farms located throughout Bay area.

Gravenstein Apple Box, another initiative of Northern California apple growers, provides profits to help graft new trees using proceeds from this limited edition product. It’s an innovative idea on many levels.

The Fruit Guys have introduced their Fruit of the Month Club, which offers members two exotic fruit varieties each month and includes a fun newsletter. Their customer service team of friendly employees are ready to assist with your next fruit purchase and they offer packages designed to meet every budget and taste preference.

Fruit Bouquets

If you’re searching for something sweet and delectable to give to a loved one or friend, a fruit bouquet makes an excellent present. Not only is it healthier than chocolate gifts, but fruit bouquets can be fun and unique as well.

Making edible arrangements is simple and doesn’t require costly supplies – you could even use fruits from your refrigerator as part of an edible arrangement!

Edible fruit bouquets are an easy and affordable way to surprise friends and family on any special occasion. Perfect as hostess gifts, thank-you gifts or centerpieces at parties, they can serve as thoughtful hostess presents or centerpieces!

These flower-shaped bouquets can be created using strawberries, pineapple, cantaloupe, honeydew melons and grapes – sturdy fruits like these are the best to work with as they don’t crumble apart when cut or carved.

Local fruit shops near me offer fresh fruit bouquets that are perfect for any special event! Deliver them directly or pick them up.

Gift baskets or decorative vases full of them make great alternatives to flowers and chocolate, offering healthy alternatives while helping those trying to shed unwanted weight. Plus they look lovely as centerpieces at parties!

Edible Arrangements’ store also sells smoothies and parfaits as part of its national franchise network.

Under new ownership, Sandwich store is hoping to see business grow and thrive. They plan to reopen today, with their owners feeling confident their customers will love what they have to offer.

The new owners say they are taking an innovative approach to their store, focusing on providing fresh and unique fruit bouquets that will ensure customer satisfaction.

Work has also been done to enhance the quality of their fruit by adopting less wasteful packaging designs, and offering fresh-cut fruit in their arrangements for longer freshness.

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