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fresh fruit and veg delivery melbourne

Fresh produce, such as fruit and vegetables, are essential for our health and wellbeing. However, they can be hard to come by, or expensive when purchased in bulk.

Melbourne offers a wide range of fresh produce delivery services. Some are subscription-based, while others provide one-time deliveries of seasonal fruits and vegetables.


YourGrocer is an online shopping service that connects consumers to independent market retailers. It allows shoppers to shop for groceries online and provides various delivery options.

Services include a weekly produce box and la carte grocery selection, plus pantry, bakery and dairy items. Plus there are daily specials with 10-40% discounts on various products.

Since 2013, this startup has established partnerships with over 65 independent food retailers, enabling customers to purchase groceries online and have them delivered directly to their homes. This model has allowed smaller food outlets to compete against major supermarkets when it comes to delivery services.

YourGrocer, founded by Morgan Ranieri, exists to enable consumers to shop where they want – not just at large supermarkets. Through customer interviews and surveys, the company aims to understand what people value most when online shopping.

Recently, Envato co-founder Cyan Ta’eed and DealsDirect founder Mike Rosenbaum invested in the startup. Their latest $1.3 million raise comes as they gear up for a competition with Amazon next year when the global tech giant brings its grocery delivery arm to Australia.

Northside Produce

If you’re in search of a gourmet treat, Northside Produce is your destination. Open fortnightly, this market boasts an impressive line-up of 70+ vendors and producers from Orange, the Riverina, Central Tablelands, Southern Highlands, Brother Mountains and Crescent Head.

They all strive to make customers feel like part of the community. In addition to traditional market stalls, they also offer free behind-the-scenes tours of their operations so you can chat with farmers and cheese makers about their artisan goods.

No secret exists in the foodie world that Northside stands out among competitors due to their quality and commitment to local, sustainable products. You can find heirloom carrots and rainbow chard, fresh goat’s curd aged just 24 hours, as well as jarred pasta sauces made with Italian olive oil at Northside Market.

In addition to their regular $60 produce box, they also offer a selection of groceries like pantry staples and kitchen essentials. You can add-on items like extra avocados or bags of Maria’s bread and pastries if desired; alternatively, you can skip the box entirely and order directly from their fruit, vegetable, pantry, bakery and dairy sections online.

Collingwood Children’s Farm

Collingwood Children’s Farm is a not-for-profit working farm, providing much needed greenspace for inner city dwellers and connecting kids to agriculture. Situated on an idyllic bend of the Yarra River just 5km away from Melbourne city centre, it serves both urban and rural populations alike.

The farm is a delight for all ages, boasting an array of animals such as cows, goats, sheep, chickens, pigs and horses. Children can get up close and cuddle the animals while adults can sit back, relax and enjoy a coffee or meal at the Farm Cafe.

It is part of the Abbotsford Heritage Precinct and occupies Wurundjeri/Woiwurrung country, which was farmed by First Nations peoples before European settlement.

During the lockdown, several social enterprises and community groups came together to provide emergency food relief for local residents. Delivering free, culturally appropriate boxes of fruit and veg was their response; furthermore, they worked towards developing an alternative food system which could be more resilient in future events like this lockdown.

A new initiative seeks to motivate more people to grow their own food and give them the chance to share their produce through a network of home vegie patches. The Yarra Valley Crop Swap launched in December and already boasts 770 members.

Mercato Italiano

Mercato Italiano is an Italian food market that specializes in artisanal foods and strives to bring the country’s culinary culture to Melbourne. With multiple locations across Italy, the food hall will open a three-level incarnation at McPherson Building on Collins Street later this year.

On the ground floor you’ll find several bakeries that make fresh bread and pizza daily, as well as other specialty treats. You’ll also find stalls selling cheeses, meats and seafood here.

Level two will feature a restaurant with stainless steel kitchens to create a homely atmosphere where diners can sit down and enjoy meals together at tables. Furthermore, 500 square metres of education space is planned for cooking classes and other events.

Mercato Centrale’s international outposts don’t just offer quick meals or shopping; rather, it encourages lingering and building relationships with both friends and strangers alike. Founded by Umberto Montano and local partner Eddie Muto, the Melbourne location of this artisan food hall will become a destination for culinary and cultural events.

Meat & Cheese Shop

For cheese lovers seeking something special, there are numerous artisan cheese shops throughout Melbourne. These stores feature both locally made and imported cheeses which can be purchased on-site or by the gram.

Meat & Cheese Shop not only supplies cheese, but they also offer custom gift baskets of specialty foods. These make great presents for family members, friends or colleagues and can be tailored to the style of food, number of items and occasion.

Meat & Cheese boasts two locations in Melbourne – one on Spring Street and the other in Carlton. Both establishments are licensed fromageries with an extensive menu that features cheese boards with accompaniments, cheese & booze flights, as well as fondue pots.

Christian and Jean-Daniel run this charming cheese shop with their charmingly cheeky attitude. Though it may seem odd for them to be in business, they are doing their part to support local artisans by carrying a wide selection of hard and soft wheels, sheep’s cheeses, as well as goat’s cheese. With its cellar beneath their premises they regularly visit suppliers to guarantee they provide customers with top quality cheese.

Mercato Wine Bar

Mercato is the ultimate Italian experience – combining food hall, wine bar, restaurant and cafe all in one. Eddie Muto from Barman & Lader Group (Left Bank, Flour Child and Metropolis Events) brought this stunning hub to Australia for the first time.

At Mercato, people can enjoy casual lunches with friends or take a seat at the bar and order some delicious pizza, pasta or steak to go. Additionally, there’s going to be a third floor featuring art exhibitions, book launches and cultural talks.

Giancarlo Favata, a young Sicilian chef, has taken over Mercato’s kitchen. His dishes showcase both northern and southern Italian flavors in creative combinations.

He takes great pleasure in crafting an all-day menu with a range of dishes to please every palate. Enjoy some new creations like wattleseed buttermilk damper and charcuterie cured in-house by chef Chris Smith, along with wines that highlight Australian producers. It promises to be an exciting addition to Melbourne’s food scene – be sure not to miss it when you visit Mercato!

Your Local Grocer

Your Local Grocer is a service designed to get groceries delivered directly to your door in as little time as possible. It partners with numerous local shops and markets in order to offer customers access to the freshest produce available.

There is a range of services to choose from, such as a la carte and set produce boxes, plus groceries. Plus, if desired, you can add your own ingredients to any of the boxes for added convenience.

Ooooby provides fresh fruits and vegetables from local and organic growers every week, giving you the most localized, sustainable produce for your money. Their mission is to put small-scale sustainable farming back at the center of food systems while supporting local farmers as much as possible.

Support Australian farmers while getting your food quickly. They only select the freshest, highest-quality items and pack them securely on your doorstep using recyclable materials. It’s an excellent way to show your love and support the farmers you care about!

Established in 2013, Your Grocer offers a diverse selection of produce from Melbourne’s independent markets and shops, with weekly specials, bulk buying options and the Grocer’s Choice box as well. It makes an ideal choice for value seekers with weekly specials, bulk buying opportunities and the Grocer’s Choice box being one of their standout features.

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