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For a delicious box of fresh fruit, Edible Arrangements(r) offers you an assortment of delicious boxes and baskets that will please everyone in your family. From strawberries to chocolate-dipped apples, our unique fruit shops guarantee to please everyone’s palates.

The Fruit Guys

The Fruit Guys are a company that delivers farm-fresh fruit and healthy snacks to offices across America. Their mission is to promote wellness and boost productivity in workplaces by replacing breakroom junk foods with nutritious alternatives.

They offer a selection of nutritious, tasty options that are organic, gluten-free, low in calories and high in fiber. Their products range from fruit & snack baskets to bouquets of seasonal fruit for gift-giving occasions – plus you can find other gifting options too!

Established in 1998 by Chris Mittelstaedt, The Fruit Guys have a proud legacy of supporting small family farms throughout America. Additionally, they donate over 80,000 pounds of fruit annually to local food banks and charities.

To expand their business, they required a custom eCommerce site that could scale quickly. We not only implemented a search function on their behalf, but we also provided them with an entirely new eCommerce platform that let them ditch costly third-party accounting software altogether.

We collaborated with The Fruit Guys to design and construct an eCommerce site that could accommodate their growing traffic volume and shipping demands while upholding the integrity of their brand. The outcome was a more user-friendly experience and faster order fulfillment processes.

Our work also enabled The Fruit Guys to abandon a legacy printing system that printed thousands of orders daily across ten different distribution centers. This outdated, inefficient system had security issues and was costing them money.

In addition to offering a tailored solution, The Fruit Guys demonstrated their dedication to the community by donating funds from their Community Fund to small farms. This fund awards grants to nonprofits, farmers, and agricultural organizations dedicated to fostering sustainability in small-scale farming operations.

The Fruit Guys are renowned for delivering fresh produce to offices, schools and communities. By working with local farms, The Fruit Guys guarantee all their produce is locally sourced.

Supporting local agriculture helps them support local economies, reduce transportation expenses and lessen the environmental impact of transporting products they purchase.

The Fruit Guys also give back to their community through philanthropic initiatives like the Farm Steward program, which supports sustainable small-scale farms in both San Francisco Bay area and beyond. This initiative provides farmers with a range of services like donation of beehives and bat boxes that attract birds, honey bees, and other pollinators.

Fruit Bouquets

Fruit bouquets are the ideal way to show your love and appreciation, whether for a birthday, an anniversary or simply because. Not only are they healthier and delicious alternatives than chocolate or other commonly given sweets, but their smile-inducing sweetness will make sure your special someone smiles every time they see them!

Many people enjoy creating their own fruit arrangements at home, but there are also edible bouquet services that specialize in creating fruit arrangements of all shapes and sizes. These companies can be ideal for when you need to send something quickly while staying within budget, or just need a last-minute gift.

When creating a fruit bouquet, there are various varieties to choose from: firm fruits such as strawberries, grapes, cantaloupe and pineapples; soft ones like mangoes, papayas, passionfruit and starfruit. When selecting fruit for your project it is essential that you pick the correct kind of produce.

Fruits can be displayed in a container filled with floral foam and decorated with ribbons, flowers or other edible garnishes to create an eye-catching display. Fruits often make great gifts at parties and for special occasions like weddings and holidays.

Fresh fruit bouquets can be a healthy, guilt-free alternative to traditional sweets that may also help you reach your weight goals by curbing sugar cravings. This is especially true if you’re trying to limit or avoid sugary foods and drinks or have diabetes.

Fruit arrangements can come with a mix of different fruits or be designed into themed displays with vibrant colors and textures. They make an eye-catching addition to any buffet table or party centerpiece, providing guests with a fun and tasty option for special occasions like birthdays or holidays.

Sending fruit bouquets can be a lovely treat, but the best are those made with only fresh in-season produce. This ensures your recipient receives only the tastiest treats! Some even come dipped in chocolate – always an added bonus!

Harry & David

Are you searching for a fruit shop near me that offers high-quality gourmet gifts? Harry & David is your perfect destination. Established in 1934, their commitment to quality shines through in every gift they ship. Whether it’s the ideal birthday or thank you present, Harry & David has something perfect for every need.

The brand’s culture is driven by its employees and their unique contributions to the business. They work tirelessly to produce superior products with top-notch customer service in the industry.

Harry & David not only produces delicious pears, but they also manufacture a range of other gourmet food items. For instance, they carry cheeses and other delectable snacks like European-style smoked salamis.

These handcrafted goods are created in Sonoma wine country and draw inspiration from their time living and working in Southern Europe. They come in both single serving sizes as well as charcuterie kits.

In addition to their fruit and other specialty foods, they offer several gift baskets that make ideal presents for all occasions. You’ll find everything from classic fruit baskets to savory items like olive oil or balsamic vinegar.

To celebrate the harvest season, Harry & David is launching a nationwide sweepstakes offering sixteen winners the chance to receive an exclusive Harvest Gift Basket plus other products valued at over $1,000. To enter, visit their website or follow them on Facebook and Instagram.

The Company sells a selection of premium food and gift items through their stores, wholesale accounts, catalogs and websites. Its portfolio includes Harry & David, Wolferman’s, Stock Yard’s and Cushman’s brands.

According to its most recent financial report, the Company has seen steady increases in revenues and profits since 2000. E-commerce sales are particularly strong for this business.

Though the company has experienced some setbacks throughout its history, such as the failure of a mail-order computer system and product recalls, it continues to thrive and grow. According to CEO Michael Lightman, they have also increased their focus on customer engagement and support.

Misfits Market

Misfits Market is an online grocery delivery service that strives to reduce food waste while helping the planet. By partnering with farmers and producers, Misfits Market purchases items that would otherwise go to waste, offering customers access to fresh organic fruits and vegetables at reduced prices.

Signing up is easy: just pick from a variety of categories to create your order – fruits, vegetables, dairy products, pantry items and meat. After that you’ll have several days to customize your produce box according to your preferences and dietary needs.

The service is tailored for those living in areas where it can be challenging to find fresh, affordable fruits and vegetables. They also sell meat, seafood, and other specialty items sourced locally and sustainably.

Abhi Ramesh founded Misfits Market in 2018 out of frustration at witnessing food waste on small farms. He was horrified by how much fruit was wasted or composted due to its unappealing appearance.

After testing out various offerings, he began allowing customers to select how many fruits and vegetables would be included in their mystery boxes. This enabled him to add flexibility to the business model while decreasing costs by increasing the number of items per order.

Misfits Market emphasizes fresh, local, and organic foods at up to 40% discount off retail prices. Furthermore, it helps reduce food waste by partnering with local and regional farmers to bring high-quality produce directly to its customers.

Many customers adore Misfits Market, hailing its affordability and ability to reduce food waste. They also appreciate the wide range of dietary options provided and the freedom to customize their boxes according to their preferences.

However, some customers have experienced shipping issues with their orders and some subscribers are dissatisfied with the product quality. In such cases, the company’s customer support team typically provides refunds or credits for future orders.

Misfits Market’s website is user-friendly and makes it easy to locate what you need. There are a wide range of brands to choose from, such as Impossible meats or Simply Organic spices. Furthermore, the company provides information on the farms and companies that source its products so you can make an informed decision when choosing where to shop.

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