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For fresh, locally produced food, farmers markets are the place to visit. They boast everything from fruits and vegetables to baked goods, regional wines and artisanal goods – everything you need for a satisfying meal!

There are hundreds of farmer’s markets throughout NYC. Use the search box below to locate ones near you!

Union Square Greenmarket

Since 1976, Union Square Greenmarket has been a must-stop for foodies both local and visiting alike. Situated on both north and west sides of Union Square Park, it’s open Mondays through Saturdays from 8 am to 6 pm year-round.

By shopping at this market, you’re supporting a family of farmers who provide fresh fruits, vegetables and other farm products to your local community. Plus you’ll find an array of cheeses, breads and prepared foods as well.

At this market, you can buy a lot of food for a fraction of what you’d pay at your favorite supermarket or market. For instance, you often get a basket full of veggies for under $10 and some cheeses for less than $2 each.

Another advantage to shopping at a farmers’ market is that you often come across fruits and vegetables not commonly found in conventional grocery stores. For instance, carrots with an earthy smell may not be readily available at your neighborhood store.

Due to their dirt-grown cultivation rather than industrial farming practices, carrots are less exposed to pesticides than their industrial counterparts. This makes the vegetables healthier and it’s an excellent way to support local farmers!

The market is an excellent destination to find heritage meats and eggs, award-winning farmstead cheeses, as well as delectable treats like ostrich jerky or wild boar sausages! Plus, the stalls at this market are constantly rotating so you never know what you’ll find here! Additionally, you can catch cooking demonstrations or special events that showcase the best of what’s in season at the market!

Fort Greene Park Farmers Market

Fort Greene Park Market: Serving a diverse community of young urban professionals and multi-generational Brooklyn families from its entrance, this market offers fresh produce such as fish, cheese, orchard fruit, baked goods and artisan items from local producers.

It has become a beloved gathering spot among residents of the neighborhood, offering them the chance to socialize, relax and enjoy performances by local musicians and storytellers. Furthermore, the market serves as an essential stop for anyone interested in New York City’s growing food culture and how local farms contribute to our communities.

On Saturdays from 8:00am to 3:00 pm, Fort Greene Park Farmers Market is open for shopping. With plenty of nearby parking spaces and a pleasant atmosphere, it makes for an easy commuter destination. Plus, this market makes for a great spot for taking walks or picnics with plenty of seating to enjoy your meal.

Experience your local farmers firsthand by joining the Fort Greene/Clinton Hill Community Food Council’s Farmer’s Market Tours. These educational excursions teach shoppers how to read nutrition labels, compare unit pricing labels, and make healthier purchases in everyday life.

Many farmers’ markets provide discounts or coupons for SNAP/EBT, debit/credit and WIC customers. Some even provide Health Bucks which allow EBT customers to receive $2 per $5 spent.

Fort Greene Park Farmers Market is a great place to get organic fruits and vegetables for your family. They boast an impressive selection of vendors as well as being welcoming to members of the community.

Giftly makes sending a Fort Greene Park Farmers Market gift card easy. Simply select the amount you’d like to give, and we’ll send it in a unique card for the recipient to use at the market or elsewhere.

Inwood Hill Park Farmers Market

At Manhattan’s northern-most point, near Inwood Hill Park – one of Manhattan’s biggest and most picturesque parks – stands this year-round neighborhood favorite. People of all ages, backgrounds and tastes come together each Saturday to socialize, catch up with friends, and do their weekly shopping.

At this market, you’ll find local farmers and food makers selling seasonal fruits, vegetables, pasture-raised meats, chicken eggs, fresh fish; delicious breads and baked goods; pickles; as well as much more! Plus you can take advantage of SNAP EBT benefits – simply go to the manager’s tent to use your card!

On Saturday mornings, especially in the summertime, it’s a great place to shop at DiPaola’s Turkey Farm for some fresh-picked items like apple cider donuts for two bucks and King David taco cart for $4 bucks. I recently tried their grilled turkey from DiPaola’s Turkey Farm and it was delicious – definitely worth trying!

At Farm Fresh Markets, you can get some fantastic produce at more reasonable prices than at the supermarket. Plus, it’s a fun and friendly atmosphere to spend a Saturday – especially with your pup!

At this market, many vendors are small-scale farmers and producers; you can chat to them about their produce as well as find some intriguing craft and art works.

It’s a popular market, so it’s wise to arrive early. Additionally, wearing face masks or other protective coverings can help avoid germs. Plus, this spot makes for an enjoyable picnic or hike before or after shopping.

Sunnyside Farmers Market

Sunnyside Farmers Market is a weekly destination where you can purchase fresh produce, prepared foods, meats and baked goods. Plus you’ll find specialty items like hand-popped kettle corn, handmade crafts and jewelry – all under one roof! With its emphasis on sustainability every week, this market remains open year-round.

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a major toll on many farmers, leaving them with little choice but to sell directly to customers. Online delivery service Market Wagon is helping these small business owners do just that.

Market Wagon boasts an ever-expanding list of vendors offering products ranging from freshly roasted coffee to hyperlocal honey. Nick Carter, the company’s CEO, said their app’s “doorDash for farmers” concept is beneficial to both businesses and consumers alike.

Locally roasted coffee is no longer just for hipsters; Market Wagon has made it possible for anyone with a smartphone to order and have it delivered directly to their doorstep. Furthermore, the company aims to help growers sell more of their product while reaching an expanded audience.

Farmers markets not only offer many advantages to shoppers, but they’re also an excellent way to reduce plastic consumption. Most are free of most packaging, and you may find items like quartered watermelons in paper bags or glass containers which can be recycled.

Another advantage of shopping at farmers markets is that they accept SNAP benefits and WIC, making it easier for low-income families to access healthy food options. Furthermore, most markets give out Health Bucks coupons which can be used by SNAP recipients at local vendors.

With some planning, you can make a significant impact when shopping at your local farmer’s market. The key is knowing which farms to select so that you get the highest quality for your money.

Park Slope Greenmarket

Park Slope is a peaceful neighborhood characterized by tree-lined streets and historical brownstones that house an inviting community of young professionals and local families. If you’re seeking to escape the city without forgoing world-class restaurants and amenities, Park Slope is an ideal destination.

On Saturday mornings, you and your family and friends can visit the neighborhood farmers market at 4th Street and 5th Avenue to pick out fruits and vegetables for sale. There are various vendors here as well as plants, ciders, honey, and wine – making it a perfect day for shopping!

One of the great benefits of this market is its connection to the local community. Here, longtime residents and families come together to shop, chat about recipes, and stay updated on events in their area.

GrowNYC created this market as part of their environmental non-profit initiative to bring local farmers and food producers to the fore. Many vendors at this market come from economically challenged neighborhoods that would otherwise go unnoticed by larger markets in more affluent parts of NYC.

This market is open year-round and an excellent destination to pick up fresh produce and other groceries that may not be easily found elsewhere in the city. Not only is the selection excellent, but prices are also very reasonable here!

When shopping for seafood, American Pride Seafood is the place to visit. Their menu boasts delectable varieties like skate, monk fish, sole, tuna, clams, mussels and scallops – perfect for any occasion!

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