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If you’re the type of person who hates going shopping for produce, consider trying a produce subscription service. These companies deliver fresh organic fruits and vegetables right to your door.

These companies specialize in providing premium organic produce sourced directly from local farms. Some even offer artisan farm products like handcrafted jams, pasture-raised eggs, olive oil and local honey.

Fable: From Farm to Table

Over the past few years, a farm-to-table movement has taken hold across America. Restaurant menus increasingly feature chicken raised by local farmers, pork from heritage breed pigs and vegetables grown from heirloom varieties. While diners are demanding more local and sustainable foods, this craze has created serious issues at some eateries.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, Laura Reiley a journalist who conducted an investigation into farm-to-table restaurants discovered many were deceiving customers by misstating where their produce originated. This report spurred other journalists in different cities to tackle similar problems and now Florida officials have taken notice of this problem as well.

The Fable: From Farm to Table venue in Ossining, New York is perfect for a country wedding or special event. Situated on historic farmland, it provides an idyllic setting that embraces nature and wildlife. Couples have three beautiful event spaces to host their ceremony and reception; alternatively they may book it for a bridal shower, engagement party, or rehearsal dinner.

Couples who reserve the venue will have access to an event coordinator who will assist them with every detail of their wedding planning. The coordinator can assist in selecting vendors and handling rental logistics, as well as offering on-site supervision during both ceremonies and receptions.

Fable Farm is committed to growing and distributing farm-fresh fruits and vegetables that are free from toxic pesticides. Furthermore, they host events and education programs to promote healthy eating habits as well as a sustainable lifestyle.

Tom Deacon, the owner of Fable and Westchester County native, founded Fable with a mission to raise awareness among his community about fresh and healthy eating. After conducting extensive research and speaking to restaurants, grocery stores and people within the region, he created Fable as an outlet for farm fresh organically grown produce from Westchester County farms. Now Fable supplies fresh fruits and veggies to many area restaurants as well as grocery stores – plus they offer tours for students and the general public on what fresh locally-produced food looks like.

Hutchinson Farm

One of the best ways to guarantee you get fresh produce is by ordering directly from the source. While there are plenty of farmers markets nearby, if you prefer not to drive across town, consider placing your order online – this saves both time and money, with delivery available too! Plus, having a farm close by means you can be certain your fruits and veggies were grown without pesticides or herbicides – making for healthier eating as well as cutting down on carbon emissions! You can find organic produce at local farms or specialty stores like The Farmers Market in Hunts Point which helps reduce both carbon footprint and save energy too!

Misfit Markets

Misfit Market is a grocery delivery service that offers organic produce and pantry goods at up to 40% less cost than you’d find at your local supermarket. They source specialty groceries, sustainably raised meats, organic fruits and vegetables that cannot be found in regular grocery stores due to various reasons.

Food waste reduction and access to produce you may not otherwise find is a great way to make the most of your money. Estimates suggest between 30-40% of our nation’s food supply is wasted, making this practice an important way to help combat this issue.

Misfits Market works with farmers to source and curate produce that cannot be sold at major grocery stores due to various reasons. Their inventory changes daily, typically reflecting what’s in season or available from nearby farms.

Established in 2018 by Abhi Ramesh, Misfits Market is dedicated to decreasing food waste. Inspired by his visit to a farm and understanding the extent of such practices, Ramesh founded Misfits Market with the mission of helping those less fortunate alleviate their food woes.

Major grocery stores cannot sell certain produce due to scarring, surplus, or cosmetic blemishes. We source those items and ship them directly to you at up to 40% off normal costs – plus they’re all certified organic!

You can order a box full of fruits and veggies, or just some favorites that you know you’ll enjoy. Plus, they offer drinks, dairy alternatives, as well as other groceries.

Misfits Organic Produce offers organic produce as well as sustainable meats and seafood from trusted farms. They collaborate with 150 vendors to source products that support their mission: getting high-quality items that won’t go to waste and help farmers flourish.

They provide details about the farms they partner with, so you can be certain the products you buy are beneficial to the environment and your family. Furthermore, their website features a “healthy living” section with tips and recipes using ingredients sent from them.

Farm Fresh To You

Organic food subscription services have made it easier than ever for people to access sustainably-sourced produce. These services deliver fresh, organic farm-to-table items directly to your door, eliminating all the stress of shopping at a grocery store.

Established in 1976, Farm Fresh to You is a CSA provider that delivers certified organic fruits and vegetables directly to your door. They collaborate with local farmers to provide this farm-to-table produce.

Their Instagram profile describes them as a “family farm, producing delicious organic produce year-round.” Additionally, it highlights their dedication to giving back by donating an impressive 100,000 pounds of produce annually to food banks.

In addition to farm vegetables, they offer a selection of other farm-grown items like handcrafted jams, pasture-raised eggs, dairy, artisan olive oil and small batch honey. Furthermore, there is an impressive range of shelf-stable items perfect for meal planning or storage needs.

The service is user-friendly and you can customize your box according to your needs and preferences. They even let you skip or change the frequency of deliveries to fit into your schedule, guaranteeing that you always get the freshest, tastiest produce available.

They also have a referral program where you can earn $25 for every friend who signs up using your promo code. This way, not only will you save money but also help your friends make healthier food choices!

One of the primary reasons people opt for organic food is that they prioritize their health. Many are willing to pay more at an organic store than they would at a regular supermarket in order to get what they need.

Another motivation is their concern about being exposed to harmful pesticides and chemicals. By paying fair prices to farmers, they hope to protect the environment and guarantee healthy production practices.

Finally, they believe that buying local and sustainable means saving money on shipping and handling fees. This helps keep their products affordable for them so they can pass these savings along to you.

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