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farm fresh vegetables

You can get a box of farm fresh vegetables delivered to your doorstep right from your local farmer. You can subscribe to weekly or bi-weekly packages from a local farm, such as Queen Anne Farm. Or you can join a community-supported agriculture (CSA) program like Liberty’s and receive fresh produce for a full 23 weeks. These are just a few of the many local farms offering farm fresh vegetables to New Yorkers.

Amagansett location offers farm fresh vegetables

The Amagansett location of Balsam Farms sells locally grown produce, including several types of winter squash, three varieties of sweet potatoes, brussel sprouts, and cabbage. The farm also has more than twenty different varieties of herbs. Balsam Farms offers CSA memberships as well as free delivery for local residents. The farm is open year-round for pick-up and delivery of farm fresh vegetables and herbs.

Amagansett location offers free delivery

The Amagansett location of Balsam Farms provides farmers with an opportunity to grow fresh, organic produce that is local to the area. This farm is known for its delicious corn, but also produces many other types of fresh produce. In addition to supplying the Amagansett community with fresh vegetables, Balsam Farms also offers CSA memberships and free delivery of farm fresh vegetables to Amagansett residents.

Queen Anne Farm offers weekly or bi-weekly packages

Whether you are looking for a weekly or bi-weekly package of fresh produce, Queen Anne Farm is the place to go. The farm offers a CSA share or plant starts. You’ll also find a number of other goodies at the farm stand, including homemade jams and teas, and even goat milk soaps. CSA shares are a great way to try new veggies without committing to them every week.

Liberty offers a 23-week CSA

If you’re looking for a CSA of farm fresh vegetables, you’ve come to the right place. Liberty Farm offers a 23-week CSA with a variety of options, from traditional to “produce plus.” Depending on your needs and budget, you can choose from one of three different share sizes: regular, produce-plus, or a mix of both. Pickups are weekly at a variety of farmer’s markets in the Hudson Valley.

Edible Uprising Farm is a leader in the organic movement

Located in Troy, New York, Edible Uprising Farm is an innovative, nonprofit farm focused on environmental stewardship and farm fresh food. They offer CSA shares to previous members but are sold out now. Their website lists what’s available and plans to restart their virtual farmstand in 2021. The farm also sells locally. Learn why Edible Uprising is a leader in the organic movement for farm fresh vegetables.

Common Hands Farm is a LGBTQIA+ owned and operated farm

Out in the Open and Common Hands Farm are just two examples of queer-owned and operated farms that are paving the way for more diversity in our food system. Not only are the farms run by LGBTQIA+ people, but they also provide fresh produce and other items to food pantries and other nonprofit organizations. Members of these farms can also opt to get weekly CSA shares or add-ons to their existing CSA subscriptions.

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