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When you can’t make it to the farmers market, these online grocers bring fresh, local produce directly to your door. Choose from a range of subscription boxes tailored towards your household size and whether you prefer organic or nonorganic fruits and vegetables.

Fresh Midwest, one of Chicagoland’s leading restaurant produce distributors, launched last year to address an increasing trend to bypass grocery stores and get direct access to farm products. Their Kenosha facility serves as a showcase for new e-commerce and consumer-driven business models.

Farmbox Direct

Farmbox Direct is a fresh produce subscription service that delivers boxes of farm-fresh fruits and vegetables right to your door. It’s an economical way to eat healthy on a budget, with various size options available for any household.

Farmbox Direct stands out among produce delivery services by guaranteeing the freshest produce directly from local farmers. Not only does this guarantee freshness, but Farmbox Direct also works hard to reduce food waste through high social responsibility standards and organic food industry protocols that guarantee no food waste is created.

Signing up is easy – simply enter your zip code and create an online account. From there, you can customize your box size and schedule to suit any dietary restrictions. Furthermore, with up to five substitutions of items in each box, ensuring you receive exactly what you desire.

The website is easy to use and provides detailed product descriptions. Additionally, it includes information about seasons and when each crop is available. This makes it a great resource for discovering what seasonal fruits and veggies are available, helping you plan your meals accordingly.

When it comes to produce subscriptions, there are plenty of choices: a small box (suitable for 3-4 meals), medium box (good for 5-6 meals) and large box (suitable for 8-10 meals). Choose between organic or conventional options when selecting your box size.

Another option is a juice box, which provides eight varieties of organic produce each week. Available in Green, Orange and Red varieties, you can select which one best meets your needs.

They provide a selection of recipes on their site, so you can experiment with new dishes using seasonal produce. Plus, when you refer a friend, you’ll earn $10 credit – an excellent incentive to spread the news about this service!

Farmbox Direct’s prices for produce delivery services are quite competitive, as they cut out middlemen like big grocery stores to charge competitive prices for their items. Furthermore, Farmbox Direct sources ingredients directly from local farms to avoid having to transport them long distances, saving them the costs associated with transporting the produce directly to a customer’s home.

Misfit Market

Misfit Market is an online grocery delivery service that offers farm fresh foods at up to 40% less cost than what you’d find at traditional supermarkets. By sourcing surplus and leftover produce from farms around America, they provide customers with a wide variety of foods at reduced prices.

The company’s mission is to reduce food waste and promote sustainability. It makes for a great option for those searching for affordable fresh produce, especially those on gluten-free or vegan diet plans.

It’s an ideal option for those seeking to avoid GMOs or adhere to a low-carb diet, as the service offers organic products free from these chemicals. Unfortunately, the service may not suit those with severe food allergies or intolerances.

Misfit Market is a subscription service that delivers farm fresh produce to individuals and families each week. They have various options to suit different dietary needs, making it easy to find a box that meets your requirements.

Signing up for a subscription on the website gives you access to an exclusive weekly shopping window with all available items. You can add any of these items to your cart at any time until the window closes, and the company will process and ship your order within 2-3 business days.

Misfit Market’s produce and grocery items are certified organic, making them ideal for those on a gluten-free, keto, or paleo diet.

The company utilizes eco-friendly packaging and ice packs to keep produce fresh. They provide a selection of meats and seafood items as well as pantry staples.

Misfit Market not only sells produce, but they also carry dairy and nut items such as almond milk, flax milk and plant-based butter. Plus they have a selection of beverages like coffee beans and tea.

All items are delivered in recycled and recyclable cardboard boxes with eco-friendly ice packs. Each box includes at least 18-22 pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables, making it perfect for larger families or those on plant-based diets.

Green Top Farms

Green Top Farms is a New York City-based company that provides catering and culinary services (including their impressive halal kitchen). Their grocery store also features an impressive selection of products from small makers as well as pre-prepared foods.

Green Top’s primary claim to fame is its “Farm to Tables in Need” program, which has a proven record for providing high quality and delicious meals to those in need. They’ve achieved this through some remarkable engineering feats – one being the creation of a prototype which has been shown to reduce salmonella spread by up to 70%. Unfortunately, most New Yorkers cannot enjoy such an experience, but the effort deserves praise nonetheless.

The company mentioned above has created the FoodMerimer, a web-based software tool that anyone can use to calculate their dietary needs and send customized menus directly to their door – saving them trips to the supermarket or farmers market. Eating healthily without breaking your budget is possible! Plus, signing up is free and doesn’t require tech expertise – making it user-friendly even for non-techies! You’ll be rewarded with delicious meals as well as knowing you’re supporting an important cause at the same time!

Village Farmstand

Village Farmstand is an Evanston-based business that supplies local food to consumers. Their selection includes organic produce, pasture-raised meats and artisan flours. Plus, the business offers home delivery to the Chicagoland area.

Village Farmstand, founded by filmmaker Matt Wechsler and farmer Marty Travis of Spence Farm, strives to create the most equitable food supply chain in the Midwest by paying farmers a living wage. They source from farms that use regenerative practices that boost biodiversity, soil health, climate resilience, carbon sequestration and nutrient density.

Wechsler believes this model provides farmers with a higher price and puts some money back in their pocket, as estimated by 23% of purchases from industrial agriculture. He hopes to get 60 cents on every dollar spent, nearly three times what the average farmer makes.

According to Wechsler, the prices at This store are comparable to Whole Foods’. Besides their standard box of six different items, they also offer a fruit only, mixed vegetable and no cooking option. Plus they deliver four days a week!

Village Farmstand not only has an online shop but also a physical location at 810 Dempster Street in downtown Evanston. They provide pickup and home delivery for just $10 more at their downtown Evanston location.

Village Farmstand offers the ideal solution for those living in the area who don’t have time to go shopping at a grocery store. They deliver fresh local goods directly to your door.

Their products are sourced from more than 50 farms. They emphasize regenerative agriculture, which promotes biodiversity, soil health, climate resilience and carbon sequestration while decreasing pesticide and fungicide usage.

Since its founding, the business has seen incredible growth – providing hundreds of customers and creating a new market for small farmers. Furthermore, It helps them cultivate relationships with their clients while advocating sustainability in the agribusiness world, according to Wechsler.

Village Farmstand has experienced an influx of customers thanks to their commitment to fresh, locally produced food. As a result, many of their suppliers are reporting sales up 39 percent from last year.

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