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farm box delivery

If you’re looking for a farm box delivery service, there are many different types to choose from. In this article, we’ll explore the different options available. From the east coast to the midwest, the options vary a lot, but you’ll find at least a few boxes you can count on. Ultimately, the type of food and service you need will determine which option is best for you. Here are a few of the main options:

Just Farmed

A home delivery service, Just Farmed offers residential customers fresh farm-fresh produce and other local items on a weekly basis. Zone 7 serves Mercer, Hunterdon, and Bucks counties in New Jersey. Customers can select from an assortment of seasonal items including eggs and produce. Eggs are delivered on Wednesdays. Customers can also choose from eight seasonal varieties of pears, peaches, and plums. For more information, visit Just Farmed’s website.

Illuminate Food

For fresh, healthy produce delivered right to your door, consider Illuminate Food farm box delivery. The company offers seasonal produce, pantry items, and meats, fish, and eggs. Currently, they deliver to several towns in Essex County, New Jersey. They’re constantly expanding, too, and have plans to expand to other areas soon. You can sign up for a one-time delivery or sign up for a weekly box.

Misfits Market

The mission of Misfits Market is to combat food waste and increase access to nutritious, locally-grown foods. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, between 30 and 40 percent of our country’s food supply is wasted. Food also constitutes the largest category of waste in our landfills. In just four years, the company has delivered more than 5 million pounds of produce across the country. The company’s mission is to eliminate food waste by providing fresh, local produce at a low cost.

The FruitGuys

The FruitGuys is one of the nation’s leading suppliers of farm-fresh produce. Founded in 1998 in Chris Mittelstaedt’s San Francisco apartment, the company is a certified B Corp and is committed to combating hunger in communities across the country. Their mission also includes supporting local farmers and encouraging philanthropy. They deliver fresh fruit and vegetables right to your doorstep. Whether you’re a health-conscious individual or are simply looking for a healthy snack, The FruitGuys is the answer.

Farm Fresh to You

If you’re interested in getting paid for the hours you spend selling locally-sourced organic produce, Farm Fresh to You is the place for you. They offer over 100 specialty farm products to choose from. Some of these products are pasture-raised eggs and dairy, handcrafted jams and jellies, local honey, nuts, dried fruit and flowers, and more. In addition to organic produce, Farm Fresh to You also offers shelf-stable items like cereal, condiments, coffee, tea, and seasonings. Whether you’re new to selling organic produce, or a seasoned pro at a retail store, Farm Fresh to You offers a great working environment and the opportunity to meet new people.

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