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Fresh produce delivered right to your door can be an economical and nutritious way to save money and eat healthier. But how do you know which service is suitable for you?

Produce delivery services come in all shapes and sizes. Some focus on locally sourced foods, while others offer an assortment of unique dishes that would otherwise go unsold.

The FruitGuys

Fruit is an integral part of a nutritious diet, yet can be hard to locate at the supermarket – particularly organic or exotic varieties. To avoid this hassle, ordering your produce online instead can be advantageous; these services offer a wide variety of in-season produce delivered directly to your door on an almost weekly basis basis.

The Fruit Guys began as a company that delivered farm-fresh fruit to offices, but has since expanded into home delivery as well. Their boxes include staples like bananas and apples as well as more unique fruits like satsumas, plumcots, and mini melons.

They offer a range of boxes to suit any taste, and custom gift baskets for special occasions. Additionally, companies looking to promote employees’ health and fitness goals may find these services useful by providing them with fresh fruit during breaks.

One of their core priorities is sustainability, so they strive to source as much locally produced produce as possible. Furthermore, they donate at least 20% of their annual profits to food bank partners and grant sustainability funds to small farms through The FruitGuys Community Fund nonprofit organization.

Their mission is to make it easier for people to buy and consume more produce by offering affordable delivery options. They provide a variety of choices, such as seasonal boxes, organic boxes, and snacks-only boxes.

The company also strives to reduce food waste by offering customers fruits that may not look appealing on the grocery shelf, which they save and ship out in boxes. Not only does this save you money on your grocery bill, but it helps the environment too! It’s an excellent way to help out both your wallet and environment at once!

For those who love fruit but don’t always have time to go shopping, The Fruit Guys offer an ideal solution. Their services are available in numerous locations and their prices tend to be cheaper than buying produce at your local grocery store.


Hungryroot is a grocery delivery service that brings fresh ingredients directly to your door, including organic produce and premade meals. It’s ideal for people who want to skip long, crowded trips to the store in favor of making healthier meals at home.

Signing up for Hungryroot is a breeze and begins with a quiz about your food preferences, allergies and goals. Then every week you’ll get a specially curated box of foods and recipes tailored to fit into your lifestyle.

The company is dedicated to eliminating food waste. They donate leftover or overstocked items to local food banks and community organizations that provide meals to low-income residents.

Once you select your plan and dietary restrictions, we’ll send you a customized order list with groceries and recipes for meals that take less than 10 minutes to prepare. These recipes range from salads and bowls to bakes and tacos – everything!

Each meal comes complete with a recipe card that lists all ingredients necessary for preparation, as well as nutritional facts and cooking instructions. In addition, they offer snacks, sauces, and desserts to complete your meal.

It’s an ideal way to try new foods and eat healthier without all the effort. Plus, you can customize your box according to your preferences by adding extra proteins, vegetables, and sauces.

They offer delivery to all 48 contiguous states and Washington D.C., with up to six deliveries available each week. Your groceries will arrive in a sturdy cardboard box filled with biodegradable cooling gel packs that keep your food fresh.

As a vegan, I appreciate having plant-based dishes that don’t feel stodgy or bland. This was especially the case with the Spinach Artichoke Nut-Based Sauce I received in my first Hungryroot shipment.

This sauce is made with cashews and almonds, roasted artichokes, and spinach for a rich, creamy alternative to dairy-based sauces. It works as either a dip, spread or sauce in 54 different Hungryroot recipes.

Hungryroot offers an impressive variety of produce, but its focus on prepared sauces and pre-made ingredients may be too much for some vegetarians. That being said, its selection of meat and seafood proteins is excellent too – making it worth checking out if you’re trying to maintain a health-conscious diet.

Imperfect Foods

If you’re searching for an inexpensive produce delivery option, Imperfect Foods is a great option. They source “ugly” produce directly from farms and deliver it right to your door at 30-50% less than grocery store prices.

The service’s mission is to help consumers save money on groceries by sourcing and delivering products that would otherwise go to waste. Furthermore, it emphasizes sustainability by using reusable packaging and working with farmers who use sustainable growing practices.

Customers have the unique ability to customize their boxes with this retailer’s selection of products. You can add or remove items with real time price updates as you make changes.

Choose from a range of produce options, such as conventional or organic. They provide all-fruit and mixed fruit boxes, along with small, medium, and large boxes for convenience.

Signing up for an Imperfect Foods account requires filling out a brief questionnaire. The results will determine your box contents and whether your area qualifies for delivery.

Your order size determines a per-pound rate, which can range from $11 to $40. You have the option to add meats, plant-based meat alternatives, dairy products, pantry staples, snacks and beauty items for an additional cost.

If you’re thinking about trying Imperfect Foods, they are currently offering a $20 discount off your first order! But to take advantage of this offer, you must spend at least $40 to qualify.

The company provides free shipping on orders of $60 or more. Unfortunately, they only deliver to your area once a week.

Though Imperfect Foods’ mission is to reduce food waste, some customers have reported issues with subpar produce or spoilage due to shipping issues. While you should always inspect your produce before buying, Imperfect Foods might be worth exploring if you need a cheap produce service at an affordable price point.

Current promotions from this company offer a 20 percent discount on orders of $40 or more, making for an unbeatably affordable $16 for a box full of seasonal fruits and vegetables. That’s an unbeatably great deal when considering the quality of produce included!

Misfits Market

Misfits Market is an online grocer that partners with local farms to rescue organic produce and pantry items that would otherwise go unsold in stores. By saving food, Misfits Market strives to reduce global food waste and eliminate hunger by giving people access to affordable, high-quality meals.

Misfits offers a selection of produce subscription boxes with the option to add-on items like pantry staples or plant-based proteins for customization. They deliver to most ZIP codes in the U.S., with prices that tend to be lower than other online grocery services’ prices.

Misfits Market boxes feature organic and GMO-free produce. In addition to providing a range of organic items, the company also sells sustainably caught meat and seafood, as well as free-range eggs.

Misfits Market website provides details about the farms and companies that supply their meats, as well as an assessment of the quality of those products. Furthermore, it outlines the practices utilized by these farms when raising animals.

You have the freedom to select your box size (the minimum is $30) and what produce will be in it during a three-day shopping window every week. Plus, you can skip weeks or cancel anytime without incurring additional costs.

This company carries an array of pantry and protein items, such as Impossible meat substitutes, Simply Organic spices, Niman Ranch, Bulletproof coffee, and King Arthur flour. You can also add-on other groceries like soups or granola.

As an added bonus, Misfits Market also provides wine to its subscribers. Their wines are handcrafted in small batches from carefully sourced grapes – so you can rest assured knowing they’re not mass-produced or genetically engineered.

Misfits Market has something for everyone when it comes to organic or conventional produce. Additionally, the company collaborates with local farmers in order to provide fresh foods from communities who need more access to nutritious meals.

Misfits Market not only sells produce at a great price, but it also offers other groceries like pantry staples and meats at competitive prices. It strives to keep its prices down by eliminating waste. Furthermore, the company is dedicated to sustainability and reducing food waste – an issue of major concern in America.

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