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If you need to stock your fridge with fresh fruits but don’t have the time or energy to go shopping, there are plenty of produce delivery services that can help.

Some delivery services specialize in fruits and vegetables that supermarkets won’t sell due to their misshaped or “ugly” appearance, while others provide hard-to-find or sustainably grown options. These cost-effective fruit delivery services offer you great ways to save money while adding more nutritious fruits and veggies into your diet.

Imperfect Foods

Imperfect Foods is a subscription service that offers discounted produce to subscribers with misshapen or cosmetically imperfect fruits and vegetables. Started in 2015 with the mission to reduce waste by finding homes for these products that were being rejected by supermarkets, Imperfect Foods now provides various produce items as well as meat, dairy products, and pantry staples at great discounts.

Imperfect Foods’ prices are competitive with those offered by competitors like Misfit Market and Hungry Harvest, yet significantly cheaper than buying produce at your local grocery store.

Before signing up for Imperfect Foods box service, there are a few things to be aware of: their delivery area is quite limited and they no longer ship through third-party carriers like UPS or FedEx.

Another issue is the fluctuation of suppliers and products. You might enjoy an item one week, but it could be unavailable the next. If you need to adhere to a strict meal plan, this can become problematic.

Finally, if you plan to add meat or seafood to your box, it is essential to understand that Imperfect Foods does not ship these items with dry ice and they may arrive frozen instead of cold. This means they could spoil quickly, so do not expect them to remain fresh for extended periods of time.

Your box’s cost will depend on how many items you select and how much of each you purchase. Prices for each item are listed on the website, which updates in real-time as you make changes.

If you want to save money on food and avoid the hassle of shopping at the grocery store, this service may be for you. Just be sure to double-check their delivery area before signing up!

The Fruit Guys

The Fruit Guys are a family-owned and operated produce delivery service that began as a dot com era startup in San Francisco to provide fresh produce to Silicon Valley companies. Today, The Fruit Guys operate 11 locations nationwide with partnerships with over 200 small farms to deliver seasonal mixes of produce, snacks, chocolates, coffees – and more!

The company offers a selection of produce boxes for customers, such as the Harvest mix with non-GMO fruit and vegetables like apples, pears and bananas; and Staples mix featuring conventionally grown produce from small local farms. Customers can order individual boxes a la carte or set up subscriptions for weekly, biweekly or monthly delivery.

Since 1998, this family-run business has been working with small local farmers to offer a diverse selection of fruits, veggies and snacks. Furthermore, it helps foster relationships within communities while supporting farmers and their businesses.

Their boxes can include organic or conventionally grown fruits, vegetables, and snacks. Any visually imperfect or excess produce is donated to local food banks and charities for distribution.

These fruit and veggie boxes are ideal for those with hectic schedules or who eat on-the-go, particularly families with children. Customers can purchase their boxes a la carte or by subscription and choose from various sizes from small to large.

For a limited time, The Fruit Guys are offering an exclusive Gravenstein apple box to its subscribers. This heirloom fruit, which is on the Slow Food Ark of Taste as an endangered American food, is only available for a brief period each year.

The Fruit Guys are an easy and budget-friendly solution for delivering fresh produce right to your door. Their fruit crate includes a selection of seasonal fruits and vegetables that are delivered within 3-4 days, ensuring it’s as fresh as possible.

The Fruit Guys offer produce baskets and gift boxes, perfect for any special occasion. They have options to celebrate both birthdays and holidays, with shipping to most states. These are ideal options for people living far away from farmer’s markets who need an easy way to get fresh organic produce.

Melissa’s Produce

Melissa’s Produce, located in Los Angeles, California, is a specialty produce distributor that supplies restaurants, grocery stores and home cooks worldwide with conventional and organic fruits, vegetables, exotics, shelf-stable items and more. With headquarters there, Melissa can easily be reached to answer all of your queries about its product offerings.

They offer a selection of fruit boxes, such as the organic fruit box and family-size fresh fruits and veggies boxes – both designed to help you reach your daily servings of these vital fruits and veggies. Unlike many other online produce services, you have complete control over what goes in each box; you choose what products go inside it and can alter it at any time – an invaluable benefit for those trying to make healthier decisions.

Melissa’s offers a fruit of the month club that allows you to sample some of their exotic offerings at an affordable cost. For just three, six or 12-month terms you can have new tropical varieties delivered straight to your door every other month or so; such as dragonfruit, kiwano horned melon and pink pineapples! With this subscription plan you won’t miss a single tropical delight from your local grocer!

For something extra special, the company’s website offers an assortment of gift baskets and snacks sure to please. Unique options include banana-cacao mix, crunchy quinoa, and cranberry-peanut crunch.

Melissa’s Produce may not be the cheapest option for fruit delivery, but their extensive selection and impressive website make them a standout option. Furthermore, they’re one of the few online fruit purveyors offering organic produce – an invaluable benefit to those seeking to go green.

Navigating the website is a breeze, with an extensive list of all the fresh fruits and veggies for sale as well as tips on preparation. Plus, there are plenty of recipes – great for those who enjoy trying out different cuisines!

Melissa’s offers a fruit and veggie box as well as organic juice delivery service and shelf-stable grocery items. They ship nationwide and the website is user friendly, making them an ideal option for anyone trying to reduce their food bill.

Tropical Fruit Box

If you’re in search of tropical fruit but can’t seem to locate it at your local supermarket, consider signing up for a fruit subscription service. These companies deliver seasonal selections of seasonal fruits directly to your door each month and often include chef-curated boxes featuring handpicked produce and recipes from award-winning chefs.

Different subscription services specialize in exotic and tropical fruit, such as Clubs of America, Great Clubs, Harry & David and Miami Fruit. Each offers a selection of clubs and subscriptions tailored to the needs of different individuals.

For just $22 per month for 12 months, the Signature Light Collection box and Fresh Fruit and Cheese Club cost about $33 each. These are the most budget-friendly options; however, you can save even more by opting for a longer membership.

For those who enjoy exotic fruit but can’t find it at their local supermarket, Full Moon Fruits is an ideal solution. Their online shop stocks a wide range of items such as guavas, dragon fruits, papayas and rambutans for purchase.

Full Moon Fruits, headquartered in Los Angeles, ships fruit on Mondays with regular subscription packages weighing five to seven pounds of produce. Larger boxes may reach up to 14-16 pounds. Furthermore, the company specializes in organic produce grown on regenerative farms and shipped using carbon-neutral methods.

Frog Hollow Farm is another option; they specialize in regenerative farming and ship their produce using carbon-neutral methods from their farm near Brentwood, California. All of their produce – berries, cherries, and apricots – are certified organic by the company.

This website offers an assortment of baskets, boxes and gift certificates. Their selection usually consists of premium apples, pears, citrus and some tropical fruit with specialty pairings like gourmet cheese or nuts.

These are all excellent gifting options, perfect for rewarding loved ones or clients. However, be aware that some companies won’t ship certain types of fruit to your location if your state has strict restrictions.

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