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No matter your gardening skill level or experience level, buying vegetable seeds online can be an affordable and efficient way to stock your garden. Many companies offer a wide variety of vegetables, herbs and flowers at reasonable prices.

They offer an extensive selection of heirloom and organic seeds. Additionally, they guarantee safe seed products so you can feel confident planting their seeds in your garden.


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Johnny’s Selected Seeds

Johnny’s Selected Seeds is an employee-owned seed producer and merchant headquartered in rural Central Maine. It operates from its certified organic research farm near Albion, as well as offices in Winslow and Fairfield. Furthermore, Johnny’s Selected Seeds provides educational resources online to assist people with growing healthy food.

The company provides a broad selection of vegetable seeds, both organic and hybrid varieties. It also sells herb, flower and garlic bulbs. As part of the All-America Selection program and American Seed Trade Association, it holds certification.

This seed trading organization rigorously evaluates new varieties, guaranteeing they are of high quality and safe for consumption. Furthermore, they were one of the founding signers of the Safe Seed Pledge–an agreement to refrain from selling genetically modified seeds.

Johnny’s Selected Seeds offers a wide selection of seeds and gardening tools and supplies to its customers. Their staff is highly knowledgeable about gardening, while the customer service department is available to answer your queries.

Established in 1973, Johnny’s Selected Seeds is now 100% employee owned. Their mission is to assist families, friends and communities around the world feed themselves by offering superior seeds, tools and information.

Johnny’s Selected Seeds offers vegetable, herb, fruit, flower and garlic seeds as well as tools and supplies to both home and commercial gardeners. All its seeds have been tested for germination rates, disease resistance and hardiness.

Since its founding, The Company has been dedicated to increasing biodiversity for farmers and home gardeners. According to Chief Executive Officer David Mehlhorn, their business has seen a recent uptick due to an increasing movement towards supporting local farms and healthy eating.

Johnny’s Selected Seeds has relied on Salesforce Commerce Cloud to enhance their ecommerce site and ensure a world-class customer experience. Now, customers spend 33% longer on the site and view 29% more pages, leading to an 16% growth in gross merchandise value.

Seed Savers Exchange

Heirloom seeds are an invaluable asset to any gardener’s toolbox. Not only can they be planted and saved year after year, but heirloom seeds also offer consistent results – perfect for hobby farmers looking to save money while growing crops!

Seed Savers Exchange, situated near Decorah, Iowa, is one of the nation’s largest nongovernmental seedbanks. Their mission is to preserve and promote America’s culturally diverse but endangered garden and food crop heritage for future generations by collecting, growing and sharing heirloom seeds.

The organization preserves over 25,000 rare and heirloom varieties in its seed bank, shares its collection through a catalog and shop, assists other gardeners save and share seeds in their gardens and communities, and educates gardeners and seed savers about passing on knowledge and traditions. Working at The Seed Bank is an uplifting experience with a strong mission, rewarding work, and plentiful learning opportunities.

Maintaining seeds requires a great deal of dedication, but according to Mary Scheffert – Seed Savers’ event and volunteer coordinator – it isn’t hard once you know how.

Formerly a fine artist, she began working at the non-profit a few years ago after earning a Master of Arts in international studies and working in art education. ‘It felt really good to be doing something important,” she recalled.

She devotes much of her time to planning educational programs at Heritage Farm’s headquarters. Just a short drive up a narrow dirt lane from the Lillian Goldman Visitors Center and display gardens, this site welcomes school groups for tours all year round.

Rare Seeds

If you’re searching for heirloom flowers and fruits, a unique vegetable to plant in your garden, or something in between, rare seeds can be an excellent way to add some diversity to the area. Since these plants typically have higher chances of surviving the passage of time than their market-bought counterparts, gardeners who wish to promote biodiversity in their own yard may find these seeds particularly appealing.

Stardew Valley offers two ways to obtain seeds: checking in with the Traveling Merchant who visits Cindersap Forest every Friday and Sunday during Spring and Summer; or visiting the Seed Maker. Luckily, finding these seeds won’t be a problem!

The Traveling Cart has a small probability of stocking this seed year-round, while the Seed Maker offers an even lower 1.26% chance of providing 1-5. Despite these odds, it’s best to use both services since you will increase your chances of discovering this essential seed.

However, if you want the most from your sweet gem berry crop, opt for using the Seed Maker instead. This is because rare seeds only take 24 days to germinate and sweet gem berry crops typically sell at a minimum price point of 3,000G.

Spending that much money on one berry can be overwhelming, so it’s wise to spread your investment across multiple plantings in the Greenhouse. Start by purchasing your initial Sweet Gem Berry Crop from the Traveling Cart and throwing less valuable berries into the Seed Maker until you have 108-116 Rare Seeds total. Finally, sell all but the most valuable ones.


Amazon is an expansive online retailer offering a vast selection of vegetable seeds for purchase. Additionally, the store offers Prime membership at a monthly cost which gives members access to fast shipping, exclusive sales and free movie streaming. Before committing, consider your needs and whether the benefits outweigh the price – if you don’t need many of them then joining could not be worth it; however if you plan on purchasing many items from Amazon regularly then Prime could prove beneficial in the long run.

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