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If you’re on a healthy-eating regimen, having fresh fruits delivered to your door is an excellent way to get all of the nutrition needed. Or, treat your family to an indulgent chocolate-dipped fruit basket for an unforgettable gift they’re sure to love.

The best part is that you don’t even need to leave your house with Instacart! Order fresh produce whenever and wherever you please with Instacart’s convenient delivery service.

Affordable pricing

Shopping for produce online can be an affordable solution for those on a tight budget. Be aware that some items are more costly than others, so it’s essential to shop around to find the best deals.

One way to save money on fruits is by buying whole rather than cut ones. This strategy works especially well when strawberries are in season as they tend to be cheaper then their cut counterparts. Just remember that whole fruits spoil more quickly, so be sure you use them up before they expire!

In addition to saving money, buying fruits in bulk helps you minimize waste. Many types of fresh fruit can be frozen and processed into jams, dehydrated fruit chips or frozen smoothie mixes which can then be eaten later for a nutritious and cost-effective snack.

The FruitGuys are a family-owned B corporation that partners with 200+ regional farms nationwide to source and deliver seasonal produce, both conventional and organic. Customers have two subscription options: basic fruit subscription or The Harvest (both fruit and vegetables). Subscribing can be done on a weekly, biweekly or monthly basis; orders typically arrive within 48 hours of shipping.

Customization options

Fruit delivery services come in many forms, from CSAs and subscription-based options like Fresh Direct and Greenleaf to produce-centric packages tailored for every budget, taste, and lifestyle. Plus, those looking for gluten free or paleo friendly options will find plenty of those too! What makes these companies great is that you get a wide variety of fruits delivered right to your door at an affordable cost with complete control over both type of produce you receive as well as delivery frequency. With these companies you have no excuse not to enjoy fresh produce every week!

Variety of fruits

For those seeking to explore exotic fruits, buying them online is the way to go. These items may not be readily available at your local supermarket and some of them require special cultivation in the United States; luckily, there are companies who specialize in growing these items and shipping them directly to you.

Pardess Farms is one of the best companies for this, offering boxes of exotic fruits like dragon fruit, mangosteens and caviar limes at peak freshness. If you want them at their best flavor, be sure to preorder these delicious treats so they arrive at your door when ready!

For those searching for a unique gift idea for friends or family members, The website also offers an assortment of other fruits such as apples, pineapples and bananas. With so many choices available, you’re sure to find something perfect!

Miami Fruit offers an impressive selection of exotic fruits, such as mamoncillos, cacao, sugar apple and finger limes. Plus they have two fruit of the month clubs offering monthly deliveries of different fruits – some rarer varieties included!

This company is relatively new, but they have quickly made a name for itself. They specialize in finding and inspecting exotic fruits that meet their high quality standards before providing them to you on a plate.

They boast an attractive website and an exceptional customer service team. As a family-run business, their focus is on supporting local farmers. Furthermore, they provide several subscription services like weekly fruit and vegetable delivery – particularly useful for those on SNAP benefits.


Fruits are an integral part of a balanced diet and provide essential antioxidants and vitamins for good health. Shopping for fruits online is a convenient way to stock up on these vital nutrients without having to leave your house.

Online fruit distributors deliver fresh produce right to your door. These companies provide a wide selection of options and strive for customer satisfaction. They collaborate with local farmers to curate boxes of the highest-quality produce available, and donate any imperfect fruit to food banks.

The Fruit Guys are a Certified B Corporation that sources organic and conventionally-grown fruit from small farms across America. Their selection changes weekly, featuring local flavors for each region – in recent weeks their West Coast mix included Medjool dates, Pinkerton avocados, Bosc pears and Opal apples; on the East Coast it was Tarocco blood oranges and Minneola tangelos.

Farmbox Direct is an all-women-run business that partners with local farmers to curate boxes of the freshest produce. Members customize their boxes and receive a new one every week, giving them plenty of variety in what they eat!

No matter if you’re searching for seasonal fruit or exotic treats, this service has it all. From achacha fruit and sweetsop to guava and pomegranate, this culinary journey will leave your taste buds wanting more.

Misfits Market is an affordable option for those who don’t want to spend a fortune on fresh produce. This company saves fruit that is past its prime or otherwise unfit for grocery store shelves and ships it directly to customers on a subscription basis.

You can choose a mixed fruit and veggie box or an exclusive fruit subscription that includes peaches, pears and giant strawberries. If you’re searching for the perfect gift idea, their fruit baskets make great choices.

Delivering products promptly is an integral factor for many online distributors, but other factors also contribute to their success. Many of these firms limit their delivery area so that they can meet demand within a specific geographic region. This saves costs during the early stages of their business and allows them to expand quickly. Moreover, they recruit limited but experienced personnel in order to fulfill delivery demands.

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