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local fruits and vegetables

There are several reasons to buy local fruits and vegetables. Not only do they taste better than those purchased outside of the region, but they are also cheaper and easier to find. Moreover, buying locally-grown produce supports local economies. So, buy as much produce as you can when you can. And remember that in-season fruits and vegetables are better for your health than those purchased from distant areas. Listed below are some benefits of buying fruits and vegetables in your region.

In-season produce tastes better than out-of-season produce

Foods are usually more flavorful when they are picked at the peak of their ripeness. The nutrients found in produce grown during the right time are higher when they are picked at the peak of their ripeness. For example, broccoli grown in its peak season has more vitamin C than those harvested during other seasons. In-season produce tastes better, too. Fresh strawberries are full of flavor.

It’s easier to find

While all fruits and vegetables are healthy additions to your diet, local ones may offer the most nutritious choices. During the transportation and storage process, fruits and vegetables lose their vitamins and nutrients, so you may be able to find better-quality produce at a local farmer’s market. Many local farmers’ markets also carry unique and local foods you might not have been able to find at your local grocery store.

It’s cheaper

While it is true that fruits and vegetables from Chinatown are often much cheaper than those sold at other supermarkets, that doesn’t mean that the produce is any less nutritious. In fact, the prices of some produce in Chinatown are significantly lower than at other places in New York City. A Wall Street Journal reporter, Anne Kadet, assumed that the low prices reflected poorer quality. Valerie Imbruce, however, investigated the low prices of produce in Chinatown and revealed the real secrets of the supply chain that goes into the fruit and vegetable sales.

It supports the local economy

Buying locally grown fruits and vegetables is one way to help your community’s economy and support small businesses. Purchasing fruits and vegetables from your local farmers supports the local economy by lowering the carbon footprint associated with transportation and maintaining green spaces in your community. In addition, buying local produce means you’re supporting local farms, which keep more of the value of their produce. In addition, you’re helping the local economy by supporting small business and entrepreneurs who are creating jobs and growing healthier food.

It’s more nutritious

When compared to their conventional counterparts, fruits and vegetables grown locally are more nutritious. This is because they are picked at the peak of freshness and travel fewer miles. Locally grown produce also contains more vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Transporting food from farm to market increases the chances of losing important nutrients. Plus, local produce is also more delicious, since the producers have already worked with the consumer to ensure that they taste great and contain the most nutrients.

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