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If you are not able to go to a market every week or have little time, then why not try buying your fruits and vegetables online? Not only does it save you time and money, but you can also get the produce you want. Fruits and vegetables online are of high quality, available for you to order 24 hours a day and are delivered to your door for free. It doesn’t get any easier than this! So, what are the benefits of buying fruits and vegetables online?


Buying iFresh vegetables and fruits on the internet is convenient. You can browse the different varieties of vegetables and fruits available in the store, choose the ones you like, and get your groceries delivered directly to your home. The convenience of shopping on your smartphone or tablet also means that you can avoid traffic, parking, and queues. The iFresh app also allows you to customize your grocery list.

Farmbox Direct

The weekly delivery of fresh produce from local farmers is one of the many benefits of subscription services like Farmbox Direct. The website allows subscribers to browse local produce, choose from various size options, and make up to five substitutions per box. Subscription options also include organic and conventional produce, and you can even choose just fruit or vegetables. It’s easy to sign up for the subscription and choose your produce every week. But beware of extra fees and commitments, as Farmbox Direct’s subscription service is free of charge for shipments to the continental United States.

From the Farmer

From the Farmer is a subscription service that delivers organic, sustainable and local produce to your doorstep. You can choose how much of each item you want to receive. You can also purchase a Cooking Essentials box that includes items like garlic, white potatoes and yellow onions. You can also get rotating artisan bread shipments as a part of your subscription. You can even get a variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Rotten Fruit Box

Originally from Portugal, The Rotten Fruit Box is a sustainable brand that makes freeze-dried fruit snacks. Founded with the goal of reducing food waste, Rotten Fruit Box has gone beyond that goal to incorporate sustainability into all of its operations. Their packaging is made from recycled materials and compostable plastics. Products range from seasonal fruit boxes and variety packs, to personal blenders, cell phone holders, and cork mousepads.

Perfectly Imperfect Produce

The company has only been around for five years, but already has already saved two million pounds of food from going to waste. The company donates these items to food pantries and provides a better way for families to access healthy food. While many businesses and organizations turn away food that has potential, Perfectly Imperfect Produce is different. They rescue produce that would otherwise be tossed. They sell them in subscription boxes to customers, and donate one box of their products for every one they sell.

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