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No need to travel far for great plant stores! From finding small herbaceous plants for apartment living spaces to shrubs for your garden, these stores are well worth your while.

Be sure to inspect plants carefully to make sure they’re undamaged and suitable for your climate, before purchasing from Facebook Marketplace and online plants shops at discounted rates.

True Leaf Market

Are You Searching For Seedlings Near Me? True Leaf Market offers an outstanding selection of seeds and gardening supplies at their online store, with outstanding customer service to match.

True Leaf Market provides educational resources to aid new gardeners. No matter whether you are just beginning or an experienced grower, True Leaf Market has everything necessary for getting you on your journey towards creating the garden of your dreams.

Since 1974, True Leaf Market in Salt Lake City has provided customers with non-GMO seeds and gardening supplies at an affordable cost – their goal being to make gardening accessible for all customers.

This company offers an assortment of different products, such as vegetable, herb, flower, and wildflower seeds. Additionally, there is an entire section dedicated to gardening supplies including fertilizers, potting soil and more.

True Leaf Market offers growing kits designed to get newcomers started with gardening. Their instructions offer detailed instruction for cultivating seeds in containers, greenhouses and more.

These kits can be easily found online and at local stores. Their user-friendly designs help kick-start gardens quickly.

Grow kits provide an easy way to test out growing, as well as develop a stronger connection to nature and discover the advantages of organic produce.

True Leaf Market stands out with their exceptional customer service team who are always ready to answer any inquiries about their products and provide assistance if there are any concerns with your order or issues with shipping – they can be reached either through their website or phone numbers.

They offer a free seed exchange program that enables users to trade seeds between themselves – an excellent way to connect with other gardeners and share knowledge on how to grow food on your own.

Online Customer Reviews

When shopping online for plants, it’s essential to conduct thorough research. That means checking warranty details and customer service policies as well as finding sellers that carry what you’re after.

One way of doing this is to look at their online reviews, where customers share their experiences with them and give you an indication of how well they treat their customers.

If you are uncertain where to begin your research on a company, search Google or Yelp with their name and “review.” Additionally, visit the Better Business Bureau website and check for any complaints against them.

Finding an online seed company that meets your requirements can be a difficult decision, with so many offering high-quality seeds and exceptional customer support services. The most dependable providers provide both of these things.

Make shopping from them effortless by offering multiple payment methods like PayPal, American Express and Visa; plus free shipping orders over certain threshold amounts!

Customer support team available via phone and email and will respond within a few days to inquiries made through both methods.

True Leaf Market offers in-store credit or cash refund if any product purchased does not meet your expectations, along with a 30-day return policy.

Customer reviews of an online shop can help you make a sound investment of both time and money. Reading customer reviews will allow you to avoid scams or bad experiences that might otherwise arise when shopping online, as well as share your own experiences by writing your own review – you might even be amazed by the amount of feedback this will generate! This can also serve as an excellent means of promoting its storefront and increasing visibility.


True Leaf Market offers free standard shipping for orders of $45 or more that ship to one of the lower 48 states, or you can opt for flat fee shipping if your order falls under $45. If it falls below that amount, flat rate shipping options are also available if desired.

Seeds, supplies and growing kits to suit every kind of gardener (even those with smaller yards). With over 100 SKUs each month available digitally seamlessly – and 100% guaranteed in quality – Freightfully Fast is truly an outstanding gardening company.

If you are shipping internationally, be sure to contact the customs authority for any requirements or documentation necessary for your shipment, such as phytosanitary certificates.

Cash-back services can help you reduce shipping costs significantly, while often offering an incentive or bonus gift after you make your first purchase.

True Leaf Market also offers a rewards program whereby every purchase earns points that can be redeemed for exciting rewards such as free seeds or other goodies.

Shop their raw deals section for products available during manufacturer blowouts, temporary price markdowns and last-chance clearance sales. Plus you’ll find seed varieties and gardening supplies marked down as old inventory is cleared out – this could be an amazing bargain! Plus subscribe to their email newsletter for growing tips, news updates and coupon codes so your garden grows efficiently while receiving top quality product offerings!

Customer Service

True Leaf Market has long been known for offering superior-grade seeds at highly competitive prices, while providing some of the most advanced customer service available in the seed industry. Their team is highly trained to address any inquiries or concerns customers may have and they always work promptly in responding.

True Leaf offers some of the most convenient shipping options in the industry. Orders over a certain threshold value amount qualify for free shipping; expedited delivery services are also provided. In addition, their generous return policy enables most items to be returned within 30 days for full refund and customer service staff is always on hand to answer all seed-related inquiries. Although they have been in operation since 1974, True Leaf still uses some cutting edge technologies when it comes to providing comprehensive seed research and education programs.

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