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Delivering fresh produce right to your door with this women-led food delivery service is an affordable, convenient way to guarantee your fridge never runs out of ingredients. They offer small ($29), medium ($49) and large ($79) boxes as well as sourdough loaves from North Melbourne’s Bread Club, free-range eggs and milk – all at unbeatably affordable prices!

For each box sold, the company donates a meal to an organics partner. We appreciate the variety of produce and commitment to organics.

Collingwood Children’s Farm

Collingwood Children’s Farm, situated on a bend of the picturesque Yarra river, provides families with an idyllic day out. Established in 1979 as a not-for-profit community project, it spreads over seven hectares with gardens, orchards, paddocks and rustic buildings.

Collingwood Children’s Farm is open year-round, giving visitors a glimpse of rural farm life in the city. Beyond providing visitors with an idyllic escape, this location also supports its community by offering employment opportunities to those who have faced hardship or are interested in starting a farming career.

Recently, the farm has joined forces with Adventure Works Australia to offer a program that promotes social connection, nature contact and physical activity for survivors of family violence. This initiative is made possible by a Victorian Government “Let’s Stay Connected” grant.

The Farm also houses an apiary, where bees are carefully cared for and the public can learn about their crucial role in agriculture. Operated by a team of committed individuals, this attraction draws both locals and tourists to the area alike.

On the second Saturday of every month, Collingwood Children’s Farm hosts a farmers’ market. Here you can pick up fresh fruits, vegetables and seasonal produce at great prices. For more information about this market, visit their website today!


Tanaka Farms in Seymour has opened an online store where you can shop for produce such as heirloom tomatoes, daikon radish, pumpkin, herbs, eggs and sourdough. Their small ($65) and large ($110) produce boxes offer weekly subscription options plus North Melbourne’s Bread Club’s sourdough loaves along with free-range eggs and milk.

This fruit and veg box stood out from other subscription options we tested; it felt more like a special treat to receive something new every week. Our box included an array of French, Italian, British, as well as international produce.

We were pleasantly surprised by some of the flavors and textures included in this box, such as smoked garlic, feijoa and passion fruit. The feijoa is a green fruit from New Zealand that looks similar to limes but tastes like something between soap and pineapple.

Our small Essentials Box was filled with an assortment of vegetables and fruits, from everyday apples to kiwis. This selection is ideal for anyone searching for fresh, flavorful produce.

When you order from this company, they donate a meal to those in need and you can also sign up for their weekly newsletter with tips and recipes. Furthermore, the website highlights small farms and all vegetables are labeled with their origin to let customers know where they come from.

Bring Me Home

Jane Kou, a Melbourne entrepreneur, is taking Australia’s food waste problem head-on with her revolutionary app Bring Me Home. Launched in 2017, it matches diners with restaurants and cafes offering excess food at discounted prices.

The process is straightforward; customers download the app, search for nearby participating businesses, place their order and pick it up at a time convenient for them. They’re also given a digital receipt which must be shown to the vendor upon pickup.

Businesses like All Are Welcome bakery in Northcote have found great success with the app. Owner Boris Portnoy says it has saved them a considerable amount of money and even helped them gain new customers.

It’s also ideal for those who work shifts or entrepreneurs, as they don’t have to pay full price to enjoy delicious food.

Bring Me Home stands out among similar apps due to its multifaceted approach. It aims to reduce food waste, save diners money and help the planet all at once – as well as engaging the community and offering a social service. After studying finance at university, Jane was already aware of the problems associated with food waste and took action by enrolling in an elective course on social entrepreneurship – this act serving as inspiration for creating Bring Me Home.

The Flying Zucchinis

As reported last month, The Flying Zucchinis’ $20 “inflation-buster” box of budget-conscious produce such as apples and bananas has become a hit with Australian households trying to keep food costs down. Vic and Caity, the owners of this premium fruit and veg delivery service – who both grow on family farms in regional Victoria – are well-versed in farming culture and know exactly where to find quality produce at an unbeatable price.

Therefore, the team is eager to encourage people to cut back on their grocery expenses and save time at the supermarket. Furthermore, they aim to promote a healthier and more conscious way of shopping by encouraging customers to cook more frequently and use more produce in their purchases.

By eating zucchinis grown without pesticides or chemicals, you’re contributing to a sustainable world where famines are becoming increasingly frequent.

Zucchinis are also packed with lutein and zeaxanthin, two carotenoids known for their anti-aging benefits. Studies have even suggested these antioxidants could lighten skin tone and prevent wrinkling.

Research has consistently demonstrated that those who consume more fruits and vegetables tend to have better overall health than those who don’t. This is likely because these produce contain more essential vitamins, minerals and fiber than their less healthy counterparts.

La Scuola

La Scuola is a social enterprise with several charitable initiatives in place. Their most popular product is the fruit and veg box, but they also boast an impressive online shop as well as several physical locations around Melbourne. They employ a small team of carefully chosen staff members to guarantee your produce arrives in excellent condition. Furthermore, they’ve secured an exclusive distribution deal with Planet Organic – an important development in a city where supermarket produce often falls short. If you’re in need of fresh produce or need help making your diet healthier, contact their helpful team today. They have plenty of other benefits as well, like a rewards system and free delivery for new customers – so you know you’ll always get the best deal available.

Northside Fruit & Veg

Fruit and veg boxes offer a convenient, cost-effective way to get fresh produce. They’re an excellent opportunity to explore new vegetables, learn how to prepare them, and make your diet more sustainable. Fruit and veg boxes may even come with bonus coupons!

Northside Fruit & Veg Box, launched during lockdown one by a brother-sister team, offers high-quality produce at an affordable price. There are various veggie or fruit only or mixed boxes to choose from as well as grocery add-ons like bread, butter, milk, eggs, cheese or pantry staples.

This woman-owned business offers small ($29) and medium ($49) fruit and veg boxes, as well as weekly subscription options. Its pick-up or delivery service is available within Melbourne’s inner suburbs.

On offer are a wide variety of vegetables such as mandarins, blood oranges, kent pumpkins and purple carrots. Plus there’s the $20 Survival Box which contains potatoes, onions, carrots, tomatoes and oranges plus breads and pasta to complete your meal.

In addition to the boxes, this company offers weekly specials and value packs. Furthermore, the company prioritizes sustainability and ethical sourcing – all meat is RSPCA-approved and palm oil free.

The company strives to reduce food waste and support local farmers, so it only purchases what is necessary for the day’s deliveries. This is an incredible step forward for the industry and hopefully leads to more regenerative farming practices across Australia.

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