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If you enjoy fresh produce but lack time to visit your local farmer’s market, online delivery services offer convenient solutions. High-quality fruits and vegetables can be brought directly to your doorstep and enjoyed any time of day!

Misfits Market rescues foods deemed “imperfect” at traditional grocery stores, providing fresh organic produce at a much reduced cost compared to local supermarkets.


Fresh fruits and vegetables are essential components of a balanced diet, but finding fresh produce at your local supermarket may be challenging. That’s where Bigbasket comes in handy; their online grocer offers customers access to a vast array of fresh produce from different brands in an easy and straightforward fashion.

Bigbasket’s impressive digital marketing strategy has enabled them to become one of the nation’s premier online grocery stores, serving over 25 major cities and offering delivery within hours of placing your order.

The company operates its own warehouses where products are stored, earning revenue through discounts, delivery charges, bundling techniques and other marketing strategies. Furthermore, Royal Organic and Happy Chef Gourmet products are sold privately under different labels within this organization.

Bigbasket uses rigorous standards for packing and storage to guarantee its customers receive fresh produce that’s both nutritious and delicious. In addition, they feature exotic foods from around the globe that you won’t find elsewhere.

They provide baked products, branded foods and high-quality meat at competitive prices, in addition to spices and seasonings, packaged products and personal care items that meet all the needs of families today.

Successfully, this company has quickly earned customers’ loyalty with its quality and service offerings. Furthermore, BBnow, its innovative delivery service that allows users to purchase essential household products within 15-30 minutes for delivery, has become increasingly popular with users.

Bigbasket utilized various digital marketing tactics and strategies – SEO, social media marketing and influencer marketing among them – to promote its brand. Furthermore, it enhanced its standing on major forums and websites by sharing customer reviews on them.

This company maintains an online presence on multiple social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, with over 4 lakh people following them on the latter. They engage with young customers through creative content posts and advertisements.

Edible Arrangements(r)

Edible Arrangements(r) offers an effortless solution for purchasing fresh fruit and vegetables online, offering convenient produce delivery service direct to your door! Their delicious assortment of produce will arrive directly at your doorstep, eliminating the hassle of frequent trips to your grocery store.

Edible Arrangements(r) offers fresh fruits and vegetables, snack bundles, meal kits, smoothie kits and chocolate fondue dipping kits to make home dining simple and healthy. Furthermore, gift baskets, frozen desserts and more can all be found within Edible Arrangements(r).

Edible Arrangements(r) offers one of the greatest advantages when it comes to online food retailers: shopping around for freshest produce at competitive prices. Furthermore, they provide discounts during special holidays such as Thanksgiving or Christmas so you can save big when placing orders!

Customer service representatives can also be reached if you require assistance placing an order or would like more information on their products and services. Simply visit their Contact Us page with your query (include any order numbers if available) and a representative will get in touch with you shortly thereafter.

Edible Arrangements(r) offers many convenient same-day delivery options, making ordering fresh fruits simple. Their app makes it simple to locate an Edible Arrangements location nearby and place your order, and their streamlined ordering process for fruit and gift deliveries ensures smooth ordering processes.

Edible Arrangements(r) has more than 1,200 franchise locations worldwide and offers creatively designed fruit arrangements and specialty foods and beverages, including fresh cut bouquets of pears, grapes, cantaloupe, honeydew melon, pineapple and bananas. Their product lineup also features specialty foods and beverages from around the globe such as rice pudding to honeydew melons!

Edible Arrangements products are created using only premium-quality fruit, and their temperature control system ensures your delivery arrives at peak freshness. Depending on your proximity to an Edible Arrangements(r) store, your order may be prepared using either a refrigerated van or partner carrier to maintain optimal temperatures while transit.

Farmbox Direct

Farmbox Direct is a subscription-based service that delivers organic fruit and vegetables straight to your door, catering to families of various sizes and preferences with boxes customized specifically to them. Substitutions are allowed so that each week, you get the exact ingredients required.

Ashley Tyrner, its founder, aims to transform American eating by making healthier produce more accessible. Following experiencing financial difficulty herself, she founded this company with a mission of helping consumers avoid expensive supermarkets in favor of freshest produce from local farms directly.

Each week, Farmbox Direct sends its customers an email outlining the selections for their upcoming delivery. Customers have up to five opportunities each week to make changes so that their meals have everything they need for success.

Farmbox Direct’s website also offers recipe and blog sections packed with tips for creating nutritious yet delectable dishes with its fresh produce. Furthermore, its referral program rewards loyal patrons with $10 credit each time they introduce a new customer to its services.

Farmbox Direct stands out with its commitment to reducing food waste. Their packing materials are biodegradable and recyclable, and they educate their audience on ways to decrease their carbon footprint.

They offer a Vegetable of the Month Club that showcases different kinds of vegetables each month; September’s box includes kabocha squash, February features Chinese eggplant and April features purple artichokes.

Farmbox Direct’s platform makes customization easy; choose between three box sizes and swap out items up to five times within your order. They even provide diabetic-friendly boxes and allow for scheduling changes up to three months ahead!

Farmbox Direct makes life simple with their variety of menu options and shipping directly from farmers, guaranteeing fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables each week. And with them being committed to food safety standards you can rest easy knowing it will arrive fresh at your door every week!

Misfits Market

Misfits Market is a produce delivery service that emphasizes ethical, sustainable foods with quick direct-to-your-door shipping. All their products come from farms dedicated to organic and non-GMO production.

Misfits Market offers more than fresh fruits and vegetables; their selection includes items suitable for vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, paleo and low carb meals.

Misfits Market sources food from farms and food hubs across North America. Some ingredients are locally sourced to guarantee customers access to freshest possible items; additionally, Misfits Market works with organic farms from around the globe.

Misfits Market delivers organic ingredients free from genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Their boxes also include meat, dairy and pantry items that are certified organic or non-GMO.

This company offers an incredibly straightforward subscription model. When signing up, simply choose a weekly delivery day based on your location and a three-day shopping window to personalize your box based on what items you want (adding or subtracting items as desired) before having everything sent directly to you on that chosen date.

Misfits Market can help you place an order through its website or third-party partner On Trac. Both provide delivery apps and customer support teams for added ease and assistance with any inquiries or issues that arise.

Misfits Market partners with large-scale farms across the U.S. to source their food. Misfits purchases any surplus fruit or vegetables that would otherwise be discarded due to reaching their best-by date or become unsellable for other reasons, often as a means to fill its boxes.

Misfits Market boxes can be found throughout all 50 states. Their mission is to offer premium organic and non-GMO products at prices far less than traditional grocery stores.

Misfits Market also offers other boxes, like their Madness Box with 14 different fruits and veggies or their Mischief Box with 12 fruits and veggies, that can be shipped directly to your door by FedEx, LaserShip or another third-party carrier depending on where your location may be.

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